CCC Vol. 4 p.36 William Clayton Campbell

Marinette, Wis.,

March 28th, 1926.

My dear Cousins:-

For the very good reason given by Cousin George Buck in his circular letter, if for no other, we should all make a special effort to be on time with our letters. Not that an individual letter is so important but collectively they mean a lot.

Living as far away as we do from the old family hearth, and seldom hearing from you, we do through this medium of letters keep in very close touch with you, and possibly get more kick our of the letters than the majority of Cousins; for this selfish reason we trust that the efforts of the Officers will be rewarded with 100% results.

There has nothing of special importance in our family the past year; however we are looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to the arrival of a daughter in our family the coming summer.  Henry has decided "it is not well for man to live alone" and he is going to wed a very charming young lady, whose home is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The announcement has been made so I am not giving away family secrets. Bill is in school in Ann Arbor, - will be home for Easter vacation soon.

We have had very little Florida weather here since October and are beginning to long for green grass and flowers to take the place of snow and ice.

The tragic death of Phil Young was a shock to us and must have been to you all.

Louise joins with me in wishing you health and happiness. With much love,

Sincerely yours,


Volume IV - Page 36
(William Campbell Family)

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