CCC Vol. 4 p.35 Emily SEELY Blanchard

#37 Pollack Street,

Pittsfield, Mass.,

March 29th, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

It is again time to send our annual greetings to the Cousins.

Although my days are so very interesting to me, it is difficult to select the things that might interest others.

Our church, our clubs, the Parent Teachers Association and the boys all combine to keep us "glad we're livin' ".

Last summer was full of delightful things,- our trip home which we always look forward to, - a visit from Cousin Mary and Al Snavely and wonderful days camping. We camp at a lake near here, so we can all e together all summer. Pittsfield is surrounded by beautiful lakes and we are planning a cottage of our own to be built soon.

We have all been well this winter and the winter has been unusually attractive to the boys -- there has been so much of it, They are interested in school and both are doing well. Junior has just been elected President of his school club He is becoming very much interested in the Boy Scouts this Spring, and Marcus is very much disgusted that he isn't old enough to join.

Just now we are very much interested in getting a little Spring weather - but it comes very slowly.

Eagerly awaiting your letters, I am



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(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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