CCC Vol. 3 p. 96 Faith Kimball Black

University of Oregon,

Eugene, Oregon,

April 22, 1925.

To the Campbell Cousins:

Remembering my "Frosh" days in school here, it is with some trepidation that I venture to offer a few words to the Campbell Clan in which I am proud to have the privilege of enrollment. Mother has extolled the virtues of the clan--emphasizing not a little bit her own dear self--until I have formed an opinion that they must be supermen1 and superwomen, and that these characteristics are inevitably handed down from generation to generation.

This is my second year at the University. I am majoring in journalism, or rather, I am trying to get the fundamentals as a preparatory step for usefulness. I like it, but have reached the point where I am beginning to realize that it is some undertaking.

Registration in the University is two thousand seven hundred fifty with about the same number of boys and girls. While we are permitted to take part in some social functions, the faculty is apparently of the opinion that underclass students have well defined work laid out for them and that this is the main reason why they are here. And yet I am very much interested in my work.

I am living in Susan Campbell Hall, so you may see I am running true to color in this respect at least. In fact. the president of the University is a Campbell and, of course, he is Scotch like all of the rest of them, giving me a touch of the right atmosphere. We have very nice living quarters with accommodations for about one hundred girls, the quarters being divided into suites for four. All suites have sleeping porches, and these are used exclusively during all seasons, so, you see, we get plenty of fresh air.

While my experience outside of Oregon has been very limited, I am a thorough webfooter2. I love the free and open spirit of Oregon folks, and the beautiful valley in which we live. Its green fields, myriads of fruit trees and blossoms at this season give me a thrill.

It is my wish, and a very earnest one too, that the Campbell cousins--all of them, - be privileged to visit this bounteous land of sunshine and yes--rain, for it is the gentle mist during the dormant period which makes the country so prolific in its blessings.

1. "Superman" didn't make his debut until 1933.

2. Oregon was once known as "the webfoot state", so the students at the U. of Oregon are "webfooters."

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(William Campbell Family)

I am hoping that some day I may go East and have the privilege and pleasure of meeting all of my uncles, aunts and cousins.

Very sincerely,


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(William Campbell Family)

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