CCC Vol. 3 p. 91 Arthur Horton

Independence, Oregon,

April 16, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

Another year has rolled around and finds us, as did the last, working hard for our living and pleasures. One must keep things moving to make the first, and take his chances at getting the other, but we seem some way to work both to our advantage.

Grace is busy all the time with her home work, but she still finds time for social duties, Eastern Star and Parent-Teacher Association in which she takes an active part. Anna Louise is getting to be quite a young lady, while Billy is all boy. He is just now getting his baseball nine to working. He lost his first game of the season yesterday by one score in an eleven inning game; so last night his Dad had to help figure out a new system of attack which we hope will work. Barbara Jane, three years old, has a new velocipede; and between that and helping Mother she surely puts in full days. Yours truly finds time to eat and sleep at

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(William Campbell Family)

home, but outside of that he is selling hardware and trying to teach the would-be farmers just what is the best kind of machinery for their particular farm. In all we seem to have wintered well and to have come through pretty hale and hearty.

Yesterday was the first day of trout fishing season, and I had to get the old pole out and try my luck. It was cold and rainy, but a friend and I went anyway and nearly got the law's limit apiece. Anyway, 'twill "make the spider make several turnings."

Business prospects in Oregon are very good just now. Lumbering is going on at capacity and farm products are at a fair price now with hope of better. Farmers in our locality re-seeded about sixty percent of their fall seeding which was frozen out (a thing unknown before), and everything is green and smiling again.

We were gladdened greatly last year by the nice visit of Llewellyn and Mabel who drove through from Mansfield in their car1. It was our busy season while they were here, so we were unable to take them around much. But they are good goers and were all over themselves. We surely did enjoy their stay and only wish that others of our kinfolks would "take to the road" and wind through the mountains and come and see our hustling, happy Williamette Valley, if they don't care for their kin! Why not make a vacation trip and drive out? We have the finest roads in the world and plenty of sunshine and good air. Western cousins can entertain as well as the eastern ones, and there are none better than the Campbells.

Hoping some of you can travel this way and wishing you all the best of the good things of this world for the coming months.



1. Their round trip was 10,225, an amazing trip considering the roads and cars of that day. It's described in her letter.

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