CCC Vol. 3 p. 89 Will Campbell

1710 Main Street,

Marinette, Wisconsin,

April 15, 1925.

Dear Campbell Cousins:

This, seemingly, has been a short year. The Marinette Campbells are all in very good health, with no change from one year ago. Bill is attending the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor this year, and is spending his Easter vacation with us this week. Henry, still unmarried, is here in business with his dad.

Since our eastern visit last August Since our eastern visit last August Louise and I have talked over our trip many times, and the only regret we have is the fact that we could not see you all. However, those we were fortunate in seeing made us feel so welcome that we shall certainly try it again. We had a very happy month with you all.

This winter we intended to make a short visit with our Florida relatives, but we have had such wonderful weather here in Wisconsin that Florida lost out.

Speaking of Wisconsin, I hope you don't judge all the people of the state by her politics. Without a doubt Wisconsin is one of the greatest and most resourceful states in the Union, but LaFollette and LaFolettism has unfortunately stamped her people as Socialistic. This is not true, and one of these days Socialism in Wisconsin will get the licking of its life.

With good wishes for continued success to the Campbell Cousins Correspondence, and with love to you all, I am,


Volume III - Page 86
(William Campbell Family)

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