CCC Vol. 3 p. 83 Harry Hughey

Brainerd, Minn.,

  April 13, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

This April Month with its pressing duties for the Minnesota farmer has been, and still is, a busy time in which to work in a period for letter writing.

Our seasons this year have been very early and pronounced. Winter came upon us last fall about the first of November and lasted until about the twentieth of March. There was very little snow, but a very steady low temperature, making a rather long but comparatively pleasant winter for Minnesota. Then spring came just as suddenly and pronouncedly in the month of March. Much plowing was done between March twentieth and thirty-first, and some seeding was done also. We have had no snow or rain since spring started. Due to this fact and to our light snow fall of the winter it is quite dry here, many wells refusing to give forth enough water for the owner's stock. But in keeping with that old saying that "it is an ill wind that does not blow some good", our roads are in fine condition.

By the way, I must not overlook this opportunity to do a little boasting about our northern Minnesota roads. The strides in road construction in northern Minnesota during the last ten years have been very rapid. This is due to two things; first, the universal reason--the use of the automobile; and the second, the fact that we live in the very heart of one of the most beautiful lake and summer resort regions of the world. We have a well equipped tourist camp ground within the city limits of Brainerd, and during the last two summers twenty thousand tourists have stayed overnight in the camp ground. This does not include those who have stopped at the hotels or camped by the roadside or at some lake.

So, you can see from this data we do not live in any wilderness. Perhaps this information might be an incentive to some of our eastern cousins to pay a visit to their Minnesota relatives. We want to assure you that you will not have to stay at a camp ground or hotel, but when you get to Brainerd, inquire of any kid you meet the way to Hughey's farm, and you will find our door open with "meal in the barrel" and "oil in the cruse",1 and we shall enjoy your visit and will try and make you enjoy it. We should like to take you out to some of our lakes and let you pull out a few

1. Genesis 21:16, King James translation.

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

of those big fish, so large that they leave a hole in the water where you take them out!

Our family is pretty well scattered with Brother Edd at Harper, Washington, Carrie in Deerwood, Minnesota, and Mary teaching in Minneapolis. This leaves Mother and I alone on the farm. However, we have much to thank the dear Lord for as we have been blessed with good health and all of the necessities of life during the past year. We are very proud of Sister Carrie's family and Brother Edd's family. We see much of Carrie's family as it is only twenty miles to Deerwood. Irma, Carrie's daughter, is in the second year of high school and carries many of the high honors of her class. William is twelve and is finishing the seventh grade. He is all boy, and a yard wide. Edd's children are eight and six years of age. Of course, we do not see as much of them as they are away out in Washington, but we are quite sure they have two of the most brilliant children in the world.

As for Mary and myself, we are fast approaching our last wonder. For Mary's sake I think I shall reserve as a secret what the last wonder is--whether it is,"Whom had we better marry?" or "Is there anyone on earth who will marry us?" Well, we are not without companionship at any rate. Mother loves us both and the Lord loves us, and we all love the Lord and belong to Him. Some day He is coming to claim his own. Then we shall all gather at the great marriage feast and praise His Name forever. Oh, how I hope to meet all of the cousins at the feast (if not before)! Since our last letter, I believe three of the cousins have been promoted by the Lord to that Last and Glorious Home. How little we know who may be next! Only one thing is important then,--are we ready?

With kindest regards and best wishes to all of the cousins, I am,

Cordially yours,


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