CCC Vol. 3 p. 68 Faye Owlett Whitney

R. F. D. #1,

Medina, N. Y.,

April 7, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

I have neglected my "cousin letter". You all know at moving time one is pretty busy, so I shall have to be excused this time. This is a new thing for me, but I shall try to tell you where we live and what we are doing.

We have lived "up north" for three years. We like it very much. It is very pretty country, all level and and mostly devoted to fruit. We are now working on a farm near Medina. The farmers are now spraying their trees. This is done three or four times a year. They plow and work their orchards until nearly time to pick the fruit. Some of the farmers grow peas, tomatoes and pumpkins for the canning factory. They start the factory about the middle of July and run it until the holidays.

I worked in the factory in apple time and enjoyed it very much. I also picked cherries, prunes and packed apples. The farmers call it "ring-tailing" them.

I have a husband and two boys. The oldest boy works in Medina. The other one is on a farm. We are having nice spring weather now. The buds are starting. We had lots of snow, and for three months the ground was white. Four below zero was the coldest weather we had, but that lasted only three or four days at a time.

We live about six miles from Lake Ontario--just a nice drive. Two of my brothers1 work not far from here. I am expecting Mother out to stay for a while. She will enjoy it as there are lots of things to see. We have not been to Nelson since September, but I am hoping to go in May and bring Mother back with us.

I hope my letter will not be too late. I do not know that it will be very interesting, but maybe I can do better next time. I should very much like to have any one of the cousins who are up this way come and see us. The door is never locked. I enjoy the letters and hope to get a good lot this time.

Lovingly yours,


Volume III - Page 68
(Eleanor Campbell Family)

1. Probably Burton Owlett & Mac Owlett. .

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