CCC Vol. 3 p. 66 Elizabeth Hoyt Walker

North Brookfield,

New York,

April 7, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

How soon a year passes! It seems but a short time since we received the last Cousins book of letters.

We have had a cold winter with lots of snow. One day Roy came home and said he heard a message going over the wire to a party in St. Petersburg, Florida, to the Campbell House1, We had about forty inches of snow at that time, and wished we were in the "Sunny South", but the nearest we got was Miama [sic] Beach (on the radio).

We have all been well this past year. David is thirteen months old and gets into all kinds of mischief. Joseph is in school and very much interested in trout fishing at present2.

Last week we had company from Pennsylvania for the week-end. We are always so glad to see our old friends from "home".

Had a letter from Treva Hazlett a short time ago asking if we couldn’t plan to come home for the reunion. We had planned to go in June as soon as Joseph is out of school, so I'm afraid that we shall have to miss the reunion again this year.



1. Roy was a freight agent for the DL&W RR. Apparently he knew Morse Code and could translate the outgoing telegram as he heard it. He mentoned it to Betty because Campbell House was a hotel in St. Pete owned by Cousin Tommie Campbell.

2. Dave, like his dad, was an enthusiastic trout fisherman But Joe, and later Betty & Roy move to FL where the water's too warm for trout fishing. I'm not sure about Joe, but Roy switched to deep sea fishing after the move.

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