CCC Vol. 3 p. 63 William Clayton Campbell, Jr.

1102 Willard Street,

Ann Arbor, Michigan,

April 8, 1925.

Dear Campbell Cousins:

Last year at this time I was spending a very enjoyable Easter vacation with Cousin Will Selph, while now I am located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, looking forward to spending Easter with the folks.

I enrolled in the University of Michigan last fall and have found my choice was a good one. Although I am denied the opportunity of troubling my New York cousins at this time of the year, I find it very nice to visit the family more than once a year. Michigan has a great deal to offer as an educational institution and I am highly in favor of it as a choice for others who may intend to enter college in the near future.

Everyone at home reports the best of health and a prosperous winter, and I hope that everyone of the cousins may boast of the same.

Very sincerely,`


Volume III - Page 63
(William Campbell Family)

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