CCC Vol. 3 p. 49 Wm. Burr Van Dusen

Osceola, Pa.,

April 6, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

I received a letter from Cousin Will Selph asking me to write a letter for the Cousins Correspondence. I became interested in the Cousins Letters through reading the books which my mother has.

I am living on the farm where I was born, the O. A. Van Dusen farm in Farmington [Twp]. I have three boys Hugh, eighteen years of age, who lives with my mother, Ann Van Dusen, at Osceola, and attends school at Elkland, and George and Wallace, fourteen and twelve years respectively, who live at home.

Our family has been bereaved by the death of our brother, Ross, who left us on December 1, 1924, after he had been ill with meningitis for but a short time. It was he who sent the letter for our family last time. His widow and two daughters live in the home which they had just completed at Elkland.

I am glad that this generation is to be included in the Cousins Correspondence. It will help us to get better acquainted.



Volume III - Page 49
(Jane Campbell Family)

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