CCC Vol. 3 p. 48 Ethel Young Roe

4 Cobbles Park, East

Elmira, New York,

April 7, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

If I could have the pleasure of visiting any or all of you, I can assure you it would undoubtedly be hard to get a word in edgewise, but when it comes to writing I certainly fail to qualify. However, I can't pass up this opportunity, and I want at least to send greetings to you all and wish that we might see more of you this coming year.

I was so sorry to have missed Ruth Mitchell, Treva Hazlett and their husbands whose cards we found upon returning from the lake1 in August.

My father, Jay and I went to Hornell week before last to hear my brother Edward in a joint recital with a New York baritone. It was a great success, and I don't mind saying we are pretty proud of my brother's progress in the musical world.

Jay and I are especially fond of music and are thoroughly enjoying our radio. Some nights we do not know to which station to turn, there are so many good things in the air. It has been one of our chief amusements this winter, and we have had a great many radio parties.

One of the best times I have had in several years was a get-together party at the lake last summer. It was the first time my three brothers and I have been together since before Clifford went over-seas. We call it "Old Home Week" and expect to make it an annual affair. Each one stays as long as he can. Each one of the boys comes home at least twice a year, but seldom at the same time.

In October we drove to New York to Clifford's wedding. I often regret not having any sisters, but I surely am blessed with some very dear sisters-in-law.

Our trip home over the Storm King Highway is one I wish you all might take. We drove up the Hudson, through West Point and over the marvelous highway to Newburgh. The road is cut through the rocks. It took years to build it and cost millions.

Our little girl is very busy, doing splendidly in school and music. She dotes on going to her grandfather's to spend the night.

1. Keuka Lake.

Volume III - Page 48
(John H. Campbell Family)

While I have been writing I have been listening over the radio to John Charles Thomas, the famous baritone, and to one of the leading sopranos of the Metropolitan Opera Company. She has just finished Schubert's Serenade, and it was beautifully clear and sweet.

I am looking forward to your letters, and trust that this finds you in the best of health, with many years of happiness and prosperity before you.



Volume III - Page 49
(John H. Campbell Family)

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