CCC Vol. 3 p. 44 Helen "Nellie" Horton Kimball

Independence, Ore.,

April 2, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

Very soon now we on the Pacific Coast will receive your interesting letters. To us, you know, they are letters "from home". Since the coming of the first Campbell book, I feel that I know you all much better. The letters take me back to the happy visits Mabel and I used to have at Uncle Joe Campbell's and Uncle John Campbell's and with the Aunts. We would take our little bags and visit the length of the valley, with a generous stay at Uncle Tommie's and Aunt Jessie's. Those were very happy times which our memory now treasures.

Of course the great occasion of the past year with us was the visit of Llewellyn and Mabel. Every day of their stay was a gala day and will be a happy memory until they come again. We celebrated their twenty-fifth and our twenty-seventh wedding anniversaries at our home with a dinner. Frank and Arthur and family were with us, so we really had a Cousins Reunion of our own. It had been many years since we had all been together and it was indeed a great pleasure.

Faith Jean has just returned to the University after spending the spring vacation here. She is well and enjoys her work there. We are fortunate to be living so near Eugene - we often drive down for the day. The State Editorial Conference was held there last month. We attended it and also visited Faith.

Spring here, and the valley1 is a mass of bloom. Almond, cherry, peach and prune trees are loaded with blossoms, and next Sunday is Blossom Day. The highways will be crowded with cars driving from one large orchard to another to feast on their beauty.

I think Father and Mother will be going home soon. They have had the most delightful winter one could imagine. Uncle Tommie and Aunt Frank have certainly given worlds of pleasure to them, and we who are so far from them do appreciate it. Uncle Tommie's migration to Florida seems to have opened a road to pleasure for many of the Clan. Only the fact that we are at the farthermost corner has kept us from a visit, but we may yet charter an airship and go down for the week-end.

With greetings and best wishes to all the cousins,


1. The Willamette Valley.

Volume III - Page 44
(William Campbell Family)

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