CCC Vol. 3 p. 27 Ruth Buck Mandeville

709 W. Water Street,

Elmira, N.Y..

30th March, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

This is my first letter and you'll probably hope it will be the last when I tell the happenings in our family during the past year - it will sound like a medical journal.

To plunge right in - mother had the misfortune to fracture her hip twelve weeks ago; but, aided by her usual indomitable courage, is recovering rapidly.

Pearl was operated upon for goiter last November - and last Tuesday another operation, appendix this time, was necessary. Joe's wife and I drove over to Auburn to see her and found her doing splendidly.

Joe, Jerome and I are still intact. As a matter of fact, I had ordered the knives sharpened for the removal of my tonsils this month, when, at the crucial moment, Billy, our older son, burst forth with chicken pox. Yesterday David acquired them.

No matter whether it's a case of chicken pox or temper, when David does anything, he does it thoroughly. For the benefit of those who don't know, Billy, Jr. is six and a half years old, and David Campbell two and a half. Need I say that I am usually busy?

This year Bill has carried the burden of our civic duties. He is on the Board of Education, has offices in several clubs and is always called on for active service in the city drives. I fear that most of my spare moments are spent, for my own pleasure, in reading.

We would love to have any or all of the cousins come to see us. Cousin Myra Buck Seiders surprised me with a visit not long ago. Please follow her example.

Love to all the cousins,



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