CCC Vol. 3 p. 20 Jud Seely

Osceola, Pa.,

March 29, 1925.

To the Campbell Cousins of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Generations:

Greetings for the year 1925!

Having been informed by two different persons that the annual letter is due April first, I shall now attempt to let you know that I am still here in Osceola where I was born nearly seventy-four years ago. I live but a short distance from the place where I first saw the light of day.

Not having traveled very much, I may not be as able to interest the cousins as those who have traveled from coast to coast. I have enjoyed very much reading their fine accounts of their journeys.

Many things have happened so far in 1925, to remind us of the uncertainty of life. While we were not in the tornado zone, we felt the earthquake and have been visited by fire and death in our neighborhood.

We have had a long, cold winter, but are looking for warmer weather soon.

Looking forward to the Cousins Dinner to be held at Minnie Clark's (just across our garden), and hoping to meet you there, I will now bid you goodbye.



Volume III - Page 20
(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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