CCC Vol. 3, Insert

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

May 12, 1925.

Dear Cousin:

On page 100 is an explanation of the cost of production of this book. The desire is to get away from a rigid form of rendering a bill for each book; and yet if we are to perpetuate the scheme somebody must foot the bills. It is not the intention to amplify here the thought on page 100. I hope the sentiment which I have tried to express on that page will have an appeal. Won't you please reread that page? If for each book manufactured three dollars is remitted, the cost of the edition will be met. Where, through duplication of books within a family or household, a smaller average remittance is justified--and it would be justified in several cases--it is hoped that the deficit so caused may be made up by others so circumstanced and so disposed that they can conveniently and cheerfully lend this encouragement to the plan. Should the aggregate remittance exceed the total cost of the edition, the balance will be held to reduce the cost of the next volume.

Please send your remittance to Mary Snavely,

           Mrs. A. B. Snavely,
           211 Tenth Street, N.E.,
           Washington, D.C.

It would be appreciated if the settlements could be made with reasonable promptness, as personal funds have been advanced for the production expenses.

Very sincerely yours,


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