CCC Vol. 2 p. 66 Harry M. Hughey

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

R.F.D. #3,

Brainerd, Minn.,

April 12, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I feel it is a real honor to be enlisted as one of the C. C. C.1 A few of us, such as our own family, having been reared out here in the middle west never have known much about our dear Cousins of the east, most of them having remained in New York State and Pennsylvania, or in other words, as grandmother Hughey used to call it, the old country.

You may know that Minnesota has quite a population of Swede [sic] and Norwegian people so to us children coming from the old country meant that you must be a Swede or Norwegian, so we used to joke grandmother as to what nationality she held claim to.

Well, I must say that since the C. C. C. has been started and we have read and re-read the various letters from the different Cousins, it has drawn us closer together in our acquaintance, love and admiration of the dear relatives who for the most part we have never met. We used to look forward to Cousin Charles Congdon making us an annual visit about once a year but we have passed several of the yearly milestones since his last visit. I used to think when Cousin Charles visited us that perhaps he was a superior sample of the good looks of the Campbell Cousins, but since the last issue of the Cousins letters accompanied by the various photographs, I was delighted to see he would have a lot of competing if an album of good looks was to be made up. As far back as I can remember, Father was looking ahead to making a trip back home until at last God closed the door of time, putting an end to any future earthly plans for him, and bringing to the rest of us in an emphatic way that the cord that holds or connects soul and body is frail and uncertain.

There is only one thing in this world that we can lay hold upon and be certain about and that is the assurance of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is heart rending to me to see how many are treating this as a minor matter; -- perhaps waiting for a more convenient time or waiting, perhaps being guided by the misleading of Satan to believe that somehow in the last day God is going to overlook sin and through his goodness and mercy usher into his presence all those who

1. Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club letter writer.

- Volume #2 - Page #66 -
(Elizabeth Campbell Family)


have been regular in Church attendance and have their names recorded upon a Church roll,interested in all social reforms and a thousand other things as would be recorded in the life's program of a self-righteous man. As Paul said in writing to Timothy: "Ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth."

Cousins, I believe with all my heart that the most important thing is to stand by the old Book. First to settle our account with Jesus and then build upon him as the rock and foundation of our lives, using His book as a blue print to follow. I believe when Nicodemus came to Christ inquiring what he must do to be saved and Christ told him that he must be born again that He was laying out no different plan for Nicodemus than He has for you and me.

Subject to God's will, I can look forward to nothing that would bring greater joy to me than some time in the near future to be able to make a Ford trip with Mother and Mary and meet all of you dear Cousins. It is well to make plans of this kind but when we make them subject to God's will then we are not disappointed when God changes them. Should I have walked in paths of my own choosing, I would have been in the ministry long ago, but so far God seems to have kept all doors closed that would open in that direction. I believe for a man to be successful in the ministry of Jesus Christ he must be divinely called and lead of God and must not get ahead of God in his plans. What God wants is men and women thoroughly consecrated to Him. Folks big enough to be small enough to do the little thing. If God wants me to milk cows and raise hogs, I am willing to do it but if His hand should lead me to carry His Gospel, I must say Amen to His Will. But whatsoever we do we must remember that if we do it in the name of Jesus that we shall get our reward. Or in other words, let our light shine. Jesus said, "Me in Thee and Thou in Me." If the world today cannot see Christ in those who are professing to be His followers where is the world to look for a testimony as to the saving grace of Christ?

Well, I never intended writing so much or getting so preachy when I started this letter, but most folks like to tell all about their business when they write to their friends and relatives and the greatest business I

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)


have is serving Christ and farming is my side issue to pay expenses.

I was glad in looking over the last letters to find that one of the Campbell Cousins is in the ministry,-- Clifford J. Young. I just want to say:-- Stand by the old Book, Clifford, which as Paul said is the power of God unto salvation; and you will be in the biggest business in the world.

Well, forgive me for the length of this letter, but I just had so much to get off my chest. Space will not permit me to tell anything about the large pumpkins, big potatoes and heavy yields of corn we raise out here in Minnesota.

I want to send greetings to all of the Cousins, and to say again that if it is God's will I hope to know you all some day in person.

Very sincerely yours,

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

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