CCC Vol. 2 p. 65 Hannah Bixby Hughey

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

R.F.D. #3,

Brainerd, Minn.,

April 12, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I surely have enjoyed reading and re-reading the letters from the different Cousins. I guess you all know that dear Herbert would have enjoyed them.

We have had a remarkable winter for Minnesota. Only about two weeks of real winter and that came right after New Years. The roads have been fine for cars all winter. Just now we are very busy with the spring work.

I expect that Mary will teach school nearer home next year. I will be glad for we get lonesome to see her.

J. Edgar has just gone with his family to Tacoma, Washington. He had to get off the farm on account of his eyes. For three years he has been having trouble with his eyes, caused by hemorrhages. The Doctors at the Mayo Hospital at Rochester, Minnesota, told him it was caused by his teeth. They ordered nine pulled and now they tell him he must have the rest of the upper ones pulled. I hope that Edgar or his wife will write to the Cousins this time.

The party began with a hike in the nature of a hare and hound race. Miss Allie and I led the chase, starting a full half hour before the rest, strewing confetti in our wake. The hounds followed and we led them around for over two hours scaling buttes, crossing fields, running down lanes and following the river until at last we returned to the starting point.

It is natural for a grandma to think her grandchildren are all right and so I am no exception. I am proud of Carrie's two children and Edgar's two children.

I want to thank the Cousins who so kindly remembered us at Christmas time. I wish I could come East this fall and be with you at Cousin Charley's at the Dinner1.

I think we should all take off our hats to Cousin Will Selph. He surely does not leave any stones unturned. I am glad he has some of the Cousins to help in this C.C.C. work now. We would be glad to have the Cousins one and all come to see us. Why not plan to come here and we will take you to some of our beautiful lakes to fish. We have fine roads.

Will close with love to you all.


1. That year the Cousins Dinner was held at Charley's summer home at Marshalls Creek, PA.

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