CCC Vol. 2 p. 63 Isabelle Hoyt Field

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

831 Maple Avenue,

Elmira, N. Y.,

April 17, 1924

Dear Cousins:

It would seem that such a delightful spring day should inspire my unskilled pen to a letter worthy of a place in the Campbell Cousins Correspondence.

Some time ago I received a letter from Cousin Will inviting me to contribute a letter but I little thought that I should be the sole representative of our family but such seems to be the case, unless my sister Elizabeth is able to write.

My mother, who is of course the most important member of the family, seems to have been much in demand this winter.

On March 5th, Betty presented a sturdy son to the Hoyt family and also of course to the Campbell Clan. Needless to say, his "Gram" Hoyt had to be there to see that David Roy was properly welcomed into this world. She had been back with me only a few weeks when Jess sent for her to come to Binghamton1. The children all have had measles and to make matters worse they were just beginning to get better when Tom and Henry each had an abscess in the ear. Of course this makes it impossible for either Mother or Jess to write, as caring for three sick children is about all they can manage.

My Easter vacation2 begins Good Friday and continues through Easter Week. I am planning to spend it at Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. I am sure those Cousins who are or have been in the teaching profession appreciate my delight at getting away from the school room for a few days and then to come back and take up the work with renewed enthusiasm.

1. My mother was a teacher, so she needed childcare when my siblings were sick. - wbt

2. Isabelle was a P.E. teacher. - wbt

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(Phoebe Campbell Family)


While over town to lunch this noon, I met Cousin Helen Wilson she apparently was on that delight of a woman's heart, -- a shopping tour.

I have not been in Nelson for some time but at this time of year I always feel a particular urge to go up to "The Farm"3 which some of you people still think of as Aunt Phoebe's, and then hike up to "The Rocks"4 which was the scene of many good times when we were youngsters.

Anxiously awaiting the C.C.C., I am,

Very truly,


3. Her aunt, Inez HOYT; Boller's home, "Roselawn Farm". - wbt

4. My namesake in appreciation of he and Inez raising my mother after her father's death. - wbt

3. A glen where they liked to picnic, upstream from the farmhouse, almost to the NYS border. - wbt

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(Phoebe Campbell Family)

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