CCC Vol. 2 p. 61 Myra Buck Seiders

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Wenonah, N. J.,

April 15, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I hope I am not too late but it seems time just flies, -- a sure sign of approaching old age. Days used to seem like weeks, now weeks seem like days.

Right now our little town is considerably upset because of diphtheria. Every mother is watching anxiously for any sign of ill feeling. The schools are closed and every precaution is being taken. Two from Betty's room have it, -- one was taken sick in school. That was a week ago. The little girl just back of us has it. Fortunately there are no severe cases. Those who have not or rather are not in line for diphtheria are falling back on mumps as a substitute.

Exactly two years ago, April 16th, our little golden haired baby girl left us. I hope she is as happy as we are sad without her.

This winter hardly seemed like winter. It certainly has not been the old-fashioned snow bank winter. Our only hard snow was about two weeks ago, that was gone the next day. The spring is late, however. Usually by this time lilacs are out, leaves are well out, and gardens are about made. This year only the very earliest flowers are out. We have peas and onions planted, but nothing else.

I have heard nothing more about the Cousins Dinner but suppose the plans are still to have it at Uncle Charlie's1. I hope so, for it will be our wonderful chance to go and see everybody. Now that Betty is in school, I cannot pack up and go any time. She loves school and gets along nicely. She is starting music too for she has the Campbell ear for music.

There is a woman in town who a few days ago told Billy she was Scotch and a Campbell. I had hoped to see her before I wrote this but could not seem to

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do so. She may be a missing "link," though perhaps it would be better to say "Chain" for she is more nearly a perfect 66 than 36. Would any such link in our family be possible?

If any of you come near us on your summer trips look us up. A new road directly from Philadelphia to Atlantic City passes near here now. We have a big house and it is never loaded. If you find the town you can always find the Hardware store2, -- the only one in town. It meets all trains for it is just across the street from the station.

Billy joins me in best wishes for those we do not know as well as those we do.



1. At his summer home in Marshalls Creek, PA. The farthest from Nelson that any of the Cousins' Dinners were held.

2. It was owned by her husband.

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