CCC Vol. 2 p. 53 Mary Hughey Prescott

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Box 344,

Dickinson, North Dakota,

April 9, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I thought surely I'd write a carefully composed letter during my vacation last week but before I knew it, it was all gone and my good intentions with it. Now I'm stealing time, for I've two sets of papers to correct, but I would now want to be delinquent, so here goes.

Cousin Will Selph suggests that we relate the little things that have happened since last fall. Now what shall I begin on? Shall I tell you that I have a new hat and coat? No, clothes will not interest you, since you've never had a chance to get tired of my old ones.

Perhaps you would enjoy hearing about a party I helped give last Thursday. Bess Bridges, Allie and Agnes Dickson and I entertained the lady teachers that who were here during vacation.

Miss Bridges has the group of young hopefuls that I cherished last year. Miss Allie Dickson is an English teacher in the High School and Miss Agnes, her sister, is a home girl.

The party began with a hike in the nature of a hare and hound race. Miss Allie and I led the chase, starting a full half hour before the rest, strewing confetti in our wake. The hounds followed and we led them around for over two hours scaling buttes, crossing fields, running down lanes and following the river until at last we returned to the starting point.

At Dickson's, we served a four course dinner and everyone was hungry enough to enjoy it.

Covers were laid for twenty-five and decorations were in yellow and white. I made imitation chicken pies decorated with baby chicks for centerpieces and these held the favors. Yellow ribbons running to each plate from the pie hinted at the favors.

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)


I'm not coming back to Dickinson next year. It looks now as if I'd be in Minneapolis as I'm elected there and "negotiations" are in progress.

I'd love to come East this summer. The National Education Association meets in Washington and I'd like to attend it and swing around by Pennsylvania on the home stretch and see all my "dear families." If I could pay my way I might do it, but I don't know what kind of agent I'd make.

I had hoped to enclose some photographs that you might be interested in. One of me, for I'm lots better looking than that one in Volume No. 1. Honestly, I am! I'll not delay this letter any longer, however, but, if possible, I will send some before April 15th.

Love to all.


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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

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