CCC Vol. 2 p. 30 W. C. Campbell, Jr.

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Deerfield Academy,

Deerfield, Mass.,

April 7, 1924

Dear Campbell Cousins:

The Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club has increased its membership to the extent of one new member all through the request of Cousin Will Selph.

Since I have spent this year in the east, that part of the country that contains the greater part of the Campbell family, my acquaintance has been only with New England.

Through the kindness of Cousin Will Selph and his family my acquaintances have grown considerably, for I have just returned from a ten day vacation spent at their home in Maplewood. My vacation was a most enjoyable one since the trip to New York [City] was my initial one and it was also an introduction for me, to the editor of our Cousins Book.

They are very nicely situated in Maplewood, New Jersey, which is but an hour from New York and is in the center of suburban life. 

With his office1 as headquarters, I made my daily trips endeavoring to see the city. which I surely did and all on account of such an able guide.

In short, I was so impressed with New York that upon returning to school, I found a telegram awaiting me from the family to the effect that they would like to know if I was well and why I did not write.

The folks write that winter is still very much with them so that I am to believe that climatically, this was a good year to spend away from home.

Just now I have all good intentions of entering Dartmouth College next year, perhaps, and if that is done, being about the youngest of my generation of Campbells, the last one will have reached the coveted age.

I certainly hope this letter will find all the rest of the Cousins as well as our family is, and that it has not bored you readers.



1. On Broadway.

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