CCC Vol. 2 p. 23 Jud Seely

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Osceola, Pa.,

April 1, 1924

Dear Cousins of the Joseph Campbell Family, One and All, Greetings:

As the time draws neigh for the third series of the Cousins Letters, it finds me seated to do my part in this great plan of keeping up the interest in this correspondence and of becoming better acquainted with each other. Although widely separated, it draws us together once a year in a way that we will not forget each other.

Here I will report the weather, -- not by radio but by pen. It commenced snowing at seven o'clock this morning and is snowing hard at five P.M. (How is this from old Pennsylvania?) You can't report that from Tacoma, Washington, or St. Petersburg, Florida , on April first.

Mary and I are enjoying our usual health and commencing to clean up for the coming season and making a few improvements to our home. Although living in town, I enjoy going back to the old farm where the most of my life has been spent. My son, Samuel A. Seely, is now working the farm.

Among the Christmas cards received was one from Cousin Will Campbell, of Marinette, Wisconsin, which I was very glad to receive and to know that he had not forgotten me.

The letters and photos received in our second edition remind me that if it were not for them, many of the second Cousins would be forgotten, for some of them I never saw. (This would be the case in Cousin Herbert Hughey's family).

Thanks to Cousin Will Selph for the pains he has taken and the time spent to perfect the plan.

Sincerely yours,


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