CCC Vol. 2 p. 13 Kate Campbell Horton

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Westfield, Pa.

March 29, 1924

Dear Cousins and all Members of the Correspondence Club:

Again "Old Father Time" points his finger to our Club letter day and I must express myself as one of the bunch who are glad, -- yes, impatiently waiting, for the April issue of our Correspondence.

Upon receiving our last budget of letters, I very pleasantly realized that our "golden chain" had been lengthened by many "shining links" and now it is our privilege to come in touch with another and a younger generation and the letters and pictures in our last issue were most interesting. Many times during the intervening months, I have gone over them all, each time grasping added meaning to their words and seeing in many faces a reminder of pleasant associations long gone by.

We are expecting so much from this younger generation, for now it seems a person can reach almost any goal if he is willing to work hard enough and devote sufficient time to the quest, and one of the thrilling things of life today is the constant budding into fame, from some unexpected source1. So after all, we are made of what we are in ourselves and I wonder, who of the bunch, would be ready to fill the chair of "Attorney-General" creditably if he were called at a moment's notice.

In our immediate family there has very little of interest occurred since our last letter. We are very grateful for the good health which we have enjoyed and the days have passed so rapidly that if it were not for the saucy March winds, I could hardly realize spring is here. 

We were all saddened by the death of Emma Parks, (Mrs. James Parks) who died March 4th at the age of fifty-six years. It was my privilege to go to her a few days before she died and she talked to me of her going away, and of the strong and happy faith she had in a useful life hereafter with a well body. Just the separation from here dear ones, for a time, was all that saddened her. We truly sympathize with them.

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(William Campbell Family)


My dear ones in the far west2 are all well as far as I know, and I wish I might say they are all coming home this summer. However, I hope they may.

In my last letter, I boasted considerably of the good Scotch blood of the Campbell Clan and when the last budget of letters and photos came, -- and our Grandfather Campbell's picture and genealogy was given he was credited as being born in Ireland, with nothing whatever said as to his ancestry. I trust this will be brought out in this issue and the "Scotch plaid3" of the Campbell Clan takes its rightful place in the family history.

I am anxiously awaiting the April messages, I am with much love from Lish and myself,

Always sincerely,


1. Note the optimism of the "Roaring '20s", the time of "flappers"; a Golden Age that many thought would never end. In America, WW1 was followed by prosperity. The stock market was booming. Kate's brother, Tommie Campbell, as a developer was riding high on the Florida real estate bubble. The "American Dream" version they believed in was that anyone could get ahead with sustained hard work.

2. "Far west" --- Kate's children all lived in Oregon.

3. Like many folks today, Kate seems to have assumed that there was only one Clan Campbell tartan. There are at least 5: Campbell of Argyll, Campbell of Breadalbane, Campbell of Cawdor, Campbell of Loudon, and Black Watch. Black Watch is the one on our website's home page, and that anyone who wishes to be considered part of Clan Campbell is entitled to wear --- especially those of us who no longer have 'Campbell' as our surname. Many of our ancestors assumed that we belong to the Argyll branch, but I have never seen any evidence to support that. They may not have known of the existence of the the other branches.

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(William Campbell Family)

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