CCC Vol. 2 p. 3 Stella Wilbur

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Nelson, Pa.,

March 23, 1924

Dear Cousins One and All:

We have been notified by our very efficient officers that it is time for the annual Cousins letter. It is a beautiful morning, -- the sun is shining, birds singing, sap running, and we have every evidence that spring is here. We have lived through another winter without any serious trouble and are looking forward to the garden, flowers, and most important, our children and our friends can get to visit us more often. Shall look for Treva and her family at Easter time and Eva will come about May 1st.

Just at present the roads are almost impassable1. Nelson has been moving, -- a Springtime pleasure,-- but with very good results. Where we used to have seven Campbell families on this side2 of the river, we have that many good Farmington [Township - wbt] families now, who are a great help to the Church and town, and several more across the river, -- while there is just one left who can claim the name of Campbell and that is Ida Campbell Eaton.

I want to say that Clifford Young need not think that the pleasure was all on his side, while he was preaching to us that summer, for we enjoyed having him with us, especially in the pulpit of the Church3, -- that is sacred in the eyes of the Campbell family. We have a very efficient man here at present, -- the Rev. F. B. McFeely.

As usual, Cousin Will Selph picked the right ones to be the officers of this Correspondence Club and we are very fortunate to have so many able ones among out numbers.

Charlie Congdon made me a visit recently, -- we always enjoy his visits.

You will all be glad that Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Blanchard are living in Uncle Joe's house. It was so dismal up there while the house was vacant.

Will just say in closing that I am quite likely to be "At home" all summer and hope that none of you will forget where I live for I shall be very glad to see you.

Sincerely yours,

1. I.e. the dirt roads had turned to mud - wbt]

2. The South side

3. Beecher's Island Presbyterian

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