CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 74 Secretary's Comments


217 Broadway,

New York City, N. Y.,

October 20, 1923.


- By the Secretary -

* * * * *


When you receive this Report, it will complete Volume No. I of our Campbell Cousins Correspondence, representing our two exchanges of letters for the year 1923. Volume No. 2 will be about the same size of binder and will contain the two exchanges of letters for the year 1924.1


I want to congratulate and complement every one of the Cousins for the fine letters they have written. Each one seems to have done their very best and what a pleasure we shall have during the coming winter season in reading and re-reading these letters. I want to add also that the second Cousins2 have certainly contributed their full share to this Correspondence Club, and as time goes on I am sure that their letters will far outshine those of the first Cousins3, thus guaranteeing the success of our plan. I see no reason why the Club cannot be increased from time to time, especially where there are now third, fourth, and fifth Cousins in the same home. This need not necessitate an extra folio as both mother, child, and grandchild could use the same book. For example, Mary Hughey has written a lovely letter but will share her mother's book; my own daughter, Doris, has also contributed a letter and will share in our book. Therefore, if this plan can be worked out in any of the Cousin's [sic] families, I hope you will report the fact to me before our next Report so that I may plan accordingly. For example, we would very like much if letters could be contributed by Lena Goodrich, Helen Wilson, Arthur Horton, Florence Bosard, William C. Campbell, Jr.,-- and a number of others whose names might be mentioned. Will you not give careful thought to this matter and co-operate as much as possible?

1. Volume 1 was in a ring binder and contained two rounds of letters. Vol. 2 - 4  only contained one exchange of letters because many of the Cousins only wanted to write one per year. Vol. 2 was in a spring binder. Vols. 3 & 4 were hard bound.

2. Referring to the great-grandchildren of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell.

3. Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell's grandchildren.

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The photographs are simply fine and still afford a rare treat to you all. I should have been a little more specific in my suggestions regarding photographs. What I really wanted was to have photographs which would include the entire family, as in this way all the references could be made back and forth from one letter to another, and all of our pictures would have appeared. I want to call special attention to the fine groups of pictures as follows, all of which were taken at close range and show up very nicely indeed:

Page 4, Hughey family;- page 8, Bosard family;- page 15, M.B. Seely family;- page 18, Ada Crandall family;- page 22, Jud Seely family;- page 26, T.C. Campbell family;- page 29, Sam Seely family;- page 34, Ruth Campbell Mitchell family;- page 35, Emily Blanchard family;- page 37, Will Campbell family;- page 39, Nellie Kimball family;- page 49, George Buck family;- page 58, Hugh Ellison family.- Several of the Cousins have promised t have better pictures for our next Report. Although we shall not make a special feature of photographs in our April Report, may I suggest that in each case where a full group picture has not been furnished that you see to it that one is taken during the winter and that fifty prints are sent along so that they may be included in our next Report. We want to have complete groups in each case as far as possible.


In addition to the missing pictures which are to come in for the April Report, I want to make a special feature of the genealogy of the first Cousins or third generation. Our Report No. 1 contained a few pages giving the genealogy of the first and second generations complete, and we must now put down in order the record of the next generation. In the early part of January, I shall mail to each of the first Cousins or their representatives a carefully prepared chart which should be filled out with great care and returned to me for compilation purposes. There were but thirty of the first Cousins as you will note by referring to page 3 of Report No. 1. The information to be placed on the chart will be something as follows: Full name,- date of birth,- place of birth,- if married, then date of marriage,- and name of and exact date of birth of person married,- together with place of birth, in case of death of a first Cousin give exact date and place of death;- in case of more than one marriage, then exact data to cover this point. In some cases it may be necessary to refer very carefully to family Bibles, etc., but this must be done in a very strict manner if our Report is to be complete and authentic. When these charts have been returned to me, I shall then be able to work up for you all some careful statistics which will completely cover

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the third generation of the Joseph Campbell Family. I shall write the first Cousins early in 1924 a little more fully on this matter.


I thought it would be interesting to show this page (Page "AA") so that you might observe how widely scattered our relatives really are. The state of Pennsylvania (good old State) stands there with eighteen reports or 100% perfect. This certainly is fine inasmuch as she is contributing more than one third of the letters for this report.


In order to insure prompt delivery, this Report is sent to you by first class mail and should be received by you without delay. Considerable delay was experienced in the delivery of the June Reports as they were sent by Parcel Post and Insured. In order that I may know that you have received your Report, will you please be good enough to date, sign and return to me the post card which you will find at the top of this Report?


Your Secretary was extremely anxious that this Photographic Number should be 100% complete both as to letters and photographs. With this end in view, I have been very persistent in writing a few of the Cousins who must have overlooked our numerous requests and have purposely helt the report open an extra week in order that none should be left out whose letters and photographs could possibly be included. We were especially anxious to include letters and photos of Cousins Carrie Campbell, Ed Hughey, Lee Congdon and Harry Campbell, who we understand is still over in France.4 How nice it would have been if these missing letters and photos could have been included! These particular members of our Club will have to do as Charlie Congdon did by writing a nice newsy letter for our Report next April. However, a total of forty-eight reports from a club of fifty-two is a mighty good showing and again I feel like congratulating the entire Clan on its hearty co-operation.


Before our next Report, I hope to have our Correspondence Club regularly organized with a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer so that from now on the responsibility and work of getting out these reports may be divided.

4. Harry was an opera singer and was then studying at a conservatory in Paris.

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Within another week or two, I shall figure out what it has cost to get out Volume Number One complete and will send you a memorandum covering your share. A little fund has already been created to care of a few of our Cousins who might feel that the yearly cost of these Reports was somewhat of a burden. If, therefore, you receive no bill from the Secretary, you will understand that your share of the expense has already been taken care of.

With very cordial greetings to you all and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Bright, Happy and Prosperous New Year, I am,

Sincerely yours,


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