CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 53 Emma Congdon Buck


117 Second Street,
Watkins, N.Y.,
October 17th, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

     I am late, but it has been impossible to write sooner. Brother Charlie says, when we claim we have no time to write, it is only our mental attitude but that is not true this time. Anyway, I hope the door will not be shut before I knock to hand in my letter

     I would like to say many things this time for it has been a full four months to me. I was just busy up to July sixth when I went to Myra's at Wenonah, N. J. I was with her family and in George's home at Madison, N.J., back and forth till September 3rd, when I came home to Watkins.

     I greatly enjoyed the summer for beside the pleasure of being with my children and grandchildren (the oldest just beginning High School and the youngest, Myra's little son, is six months old, such a dear, winsome, little fellow), it is delightful to be in and near those big cities,‑ to see the ocean and many other things new and fascinating to me.

     Brother Charlie used to say, Em has more to tell if she takes a trip to Corning than some would after visiting the World's Fair.

     After reaching home and going to the County Fair, the next thing was the Cousins' Dinner. To many of us, I believe, that is really the big day of the year. The day, September 26th, was fine and all roads led to Mansfield, where Cousins Llewellyn and Mabel awaited us with everything ready for their guests. Nearly all the Cousins came and what joy to grasp their hands and look into the dear faces again. Some of the older ones had perhaps one more wrinkle and were just a little less vigorous in their manner,‑ felt the chilly morning a little keener,‑ but the smile was the same and the voices were cheerful and brave as ever,‑ not a whine to be heard. We missed Tommie and Will Selph, but hope they can come next time.

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(Sarah Campbell Family)


     While in New Jersey, I with Charlie and George's family had a delightful visit at Will Selph's lovely summer home at Mount Tabor, N.J., so I saw them even though they could not be with us.

    When the time came to start for home, I am sure we all felt the day had been too short, but we hope we can all meet at Marshall Falls next year, where we can sing Charlie's songs to the music of the Falls. I am sure we were all glad to have Helen Congdon with us. She was a fine representative of brother Ed's family.

     Myra and children are with me now for a month, and we are enjoying this wonderful October weather,‑ very thankful for all life holds for us. We are not looking for sorrow, but if it comes, we will bear it.

     And now, Cousins, for another six months, Good‑‑bye and God be with you.

                      -                     Lovingly,

                                                    COUSIN EMMA E. BUCK

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(Sarah Campbell Family)

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