CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 36 Mary HUGHEY Prescott


P. 0. Box 344,
Dickinson, N, D.,
October 13, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

    I have only time for such a short letter this morning, which is probably fortunate for all of you dear relatives, for when I once get started I am apt to continue at length.

     I am out on the prairie teaching thirty‑eight little fourth graders in the city of Dickinson. Some of their names might amuse you. Can you pronounce Zdrahal, Kovash, Dvorak, Privratsky? They are mostly Hungarian, Austrian, or German. One is a mulatto, Samuel Robinson, and he has some of the most "darkey" expressions. The other day he said, "I done read that, Miss Hughey".

     I would like to tell you more about Dickinson and the surrounding country but I must leave that for another time.

     I miss the lakes and trees of my Minnesota, but the lack of them here only serves to make me appreciate them more.

     I am happy in my work here. I have a Sunday School class of seventh and eighth grade girls which affords me much pleasure. They are dear girls and they keep me from ever getting lonely.

     I attend the Methodist Church, there being no Presbyterian. There is a Congregational, but it doesn't seem to furnish me with enough convictions of sin. I can't imagine Great Grandfather Campbell looking with approval on its activities. I think I've inherited some of his firmness, for I haven't a tolerant view of sin. I remember father relating the "logging‑chain story" [link for this story to be added-wbt] much to our delight and I'm sure Great Grandfather's firm convictions have an influence on us, even though we may think he was a little severe.

     A teachers' convention next week bids us "brush up" for visitors so I must hurry away to start "brushing".

     Mother, doubtless, has written to you from Brainerd. I got a box of "eats" from her yesterday.

        Kindest regards to everybody,

                    COUSIN MARY HUGHEY

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

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