CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 25 Tommie Campbell



219 Third Ave., North,
St. Petersburg, Fla.,
October 6, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

My good wife, Frank, wrote letter No. 1 (our June Report) for the Cousins Correspondence folio. I have just been reading it, and it appears to me she has said about all there is to say about my immediate family, all of whom are well and happy at this writing.

     Mary and her family moved here from Rochester, N. Y. last month, and are included in the snapshot I am sending for the October Photographic Number. They will make this their future home, and have entire charge of the Hotel. Their son, Tom, is in High School,‑ John in the Grammar School, and Frances is studying Art. While my other daughter Ruth (Mitchell) and family still live at 26 Sarona Street, Rochester, N. Y.

     It was a great disappointment to us that we were unable to attend the Cousins’ Reunion this year, but I had several gangs of men building houses, sidewalks, and making other improvements on the Sub‑Division I am developing, and simply could not leave at the time. However, I wrote and wired them a most cordial invitation to hold the next Cousins' Reunion with us here, and have watched the home papers for a report of the proceedings, but as yet have found no report.

     We do want our dear friends to see what a wonderful land we live in. Here the sun appears larger,‑ the sky a more beautiful blue,-­ the stars more numerous and brighter,‑ the flowers more fragrant and profuse,‑ the song of the mocking bird is sweeter,- the salt water bathing more invigorating,‑ the tropical fruits more delicious,‑ bathing and fishing good the whole year around ‑ no winter,‑ no coal bills,‑ and Government Statistics show that the sun has shone on St. Petersburg 360 days out of every 365 days for the past thirteen years. That is why it is called the "Sunshine City". Its geographical location being just a little peninsula jutting out into the Gulf of Mexico, where its shores are bathed by the Gulf Stream, making its temperature more even the whole year around. It is a most picturesque spot for one to bathe in the sunshine all winter long, away from the cold and snow.

- Report No. 2 - Page 25 -

(William Campbell Family)


     Our normal population is 25,000 and we entertain from 60,000 to 90,000 tourists during the winter. This part of the State is comparatively new but is growing very rapidly. St. Petersburg did more building last year than any other city in the U.S., not only for its size, but for twice its size. And the opportunities for investment here are far ahead of any place I ever knew in the North. These are some of the reasons why we love to live in Florida.
    Report No. 1 was a great revelation to me. In it I find the names of many second and third Cousins I never knew I had and to these I especially send greetings. Since the death of Cousin Frank Tubbs, the moving west of Ed Congdon and Herb Hughey, and the marriage of many of the second Cousins, I had entirely lost track of many of them. And now this "Inspiration" of Cousin Will Selph places us all in the category of a reunited family, and how we would love to see and talk with all of you.
     But now comes the Photographic Number, which I can hardly wait to see. And if there is a single "Slacker" in the whole bunch on this proposition, I just hope they will get SHOT right in the Mug, (with an Eastman Kodak) and be sentenced to mail a copy to each one of the folio owners.
     Frank, Mary and family join me in wishing prosperity and happiness to each one of you. We all send love.


Foto of Tommie Campbell Family                         * * * * *

                        Photo of

    O.C. Shewman -  (Standing-Left)
    Tom Shewman  -  (Standing-Right)
    Mary Shewman -  (Seated-Left)
    Frances Shewman-(Seated-Right)
    Frank Campbell -(Seated-Center)
    T.C. Campbell - (Seated-Center)
    John Shewman  - (Sitting-Front)

        Taken St.Petersburg, Fla. Oct. 1923.

                    * * * * *

- Report No. 2 - Page 26 -

(William Campbell Family)

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