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Foto of FrancesG. & Isabelle

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            Photo of

    Frances G. Hoyt (Left)
    Isabelle Hoyt (Right)

        Taken Summer 1923

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Elmira, N. Y.,
October 4, 1923..

Dear Cousins:-
     It hardly seems that four months have passed since I wrote my first letter to the Campbell Cousins but our Secretary says the next report is due so I gladly contribute my bit.
    My summer was pleasantly spent with Jessica and Elizabeth in spite of the fact Jess was ill a large part of the time I was at their home. Of course my interests are largely centered in my grandchildren but as their Mothers are both contributing to this Correspondence I hardly feel that I can enlarge upon the subject too much.
     Isabelle spent the summer in Cambridge where she enjoyed a very busy six weeks at the Harvard Summer School of Physical Education. As it was her first trip to the New England States she tried to see as many places of historical interest as possible and was very enthusiastic about the boat trip from Boston to New York City.
    We are moving to‑morrow into a little larger apartment on Maple Avenue and while I am writing this Isabelle is packing our books. She just stopped me to look at the old Bible which Grandma Hoyt gave her. On the fly leaf is written Phebe Campbell, Elkland, Tioga Co., 1847. In the back is recorded her marriage February 24, 1858; the birth of Joe and Inez, and Grandpa Hoyt's death. In it are pressed flowers, a lock of hair, cards, etc. The many turned down corners show that in spite of the fine print she must have studied it well.
    At the Cousins Party [Campbell Cousins Dinner- wbt], Cousin Charlie Congdon expressed the fear that he could not get all of his thoughts on the allotted amount of paper so I shall gladly donate to him any remaining space belonging to me.
     Anticipating a great deal of pleasure from the photographic number, I am


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(Phoebe Campbell Family)

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