CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 12 Ross Van Dusen


Osceola, Pa.,
October 4, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

     As I am a new member added to the list of Campbell Cousins Correspondence Circle, wish just to thank the Secretary for giving me the privilege of representing our family and to become better acquainted with my Mother's people through correspondence.

    My Mother's maiden name was Ann Tubbs, the oldest daughter of George and Jane Tubbs. Undoubtedly several of you know that my Father, O. A. VanDusen, died on June 29, 1923, leaving my Mother, one daughter, three sons, seven grandsons and three granddaughters to survive him.

     Since my Father's death, my Mother has been in very poor health but at present is improving slowly.

    Before my grandmother died, I can well remember hearing her tell of the family tree but at that time it made little impression on my mind but since receiving the copy of the Cousins Correspondence, I can recall several names and families which she enumerated.

     In the next series of letters, will give a complete history of our family.


                    of Ross Van Dusen's Family

* * * * *

Photo of

Ross E. VanDusen  - - - Born Nov. 21, 1894.
Eva M. VanDusen   - - - Born Nov. 5, 1896.
Helen R. VanDusen - - - Born Aug. 5, 1918.
Marion Janet VanDusen - Born April 4, 1923.

Taken Summer of 1923

* * * * *

- Report No. 2 - Page 12 -

(Jane Campbell Family)

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