CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 5 Roswell P. Young


140 Tremont Street,
Boston, Mass.,
September 13, 1923.

Dear Cousin Will:

My first thought upon receipt of the binder containing the Campbell Cousins Correspondence was, how could any busy man give so much time and effort to compiling a work of this sort and do it so thoroughly and completely? My second thought was that this is something I have always wished to have, not only because of its genealogical importance, but also the bringing up to date of the whereabouts of my Campbell Cousins.

To make my own contribution interesting, I suppose a few words of personal history would suit best, since that was what interested me most in the letters from the other Cousins. My father has already stated that my mother died on August 24, 1918, at a time when my brother Clifford was in service overseas. To most of the Campbell Cousins she was known as "Cousin Lou" and I know that they felt some of our bereavement in her death. Our interest in the Campbell family of course traces directly to my mother, and it is because of her that I am glad to further any enterprise in which she would have been interested. The loss of a mother to any of you would be an occasion of deep grief, but to us, her four children, it was the biggest wrench that had come in our lives. We lost a mother whose devotion to her children was so great as to be known among all her friends. Her whole life was devoted to their rearing and there is nothing that they can ever do that would compensate them or their father for what she gave

As a matter of record in the fourth generation, -
Ethel May Young was born November 8, 1830, in Corning, N.Y. Roswell Philip Young was born May 19, 1892, in Corning, N.Y. Clifford John Young was born December 3, 1894, in Elmira, N.Y. Edward Young was born December 6, 1900, in Elmira, N.Y.

For the fifth generation, I can report that:-
Helen Jane Roe was born to Mr. and Mrs. John C. Roe (Ethel Young), January, 1916, in Elmira, N.Y.
Philip Pratt Young was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roswell P. Young, May 26, 1918, in Boston, Mass.
John Campbell Young was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roswell P. Young, June 1, 1920, in Boston, Mass.

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(John H. Campbell Family)

    My two sons, my wife (who was formerly Miss Katharine Pratt of Elmira, N, Y.) and I are now living at 7 Abbott Road, Wellesley Hills,‑ a suburb about 15 miles west of Boston. My wife is a graduate of Wellesley College, Class of 1914, the same year in which I graduated from Amherst College.
    I am employed a department store in Boston in the capacity of buyer. Perhaps the most‑interesting phase of my work is the necessity for a trip to Europe once a year, and I am glad to say that last winter Katharine accompanied me for a delightful few weeks in London and Paris.
    It is seldom that any of my relatives call here in Boston and I am much more likely to see them in Elmira where I spend some time each summer. However, let this letter serve as an invitation to any Campbell Cousin to come and make himself known and sample New England hospitality.
    I look forward eagerly to the next issue of letters and shall hope particularly for more news from those of my own, the fourth generation.
    Please accept my heartiest thanks for your share in this altogether unexpected and delightful means of getting acquainted with the Campbells.

Foto of
                Philip P. & John C. Young    Very sincerely


   Photo of

      Philip Pratt Young - (Left)
      John Campbell Young ‑ (Right)

   (Taken Summer of 1923

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(John H. Campbell Family)

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