CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 4 Hannah J. Hughey


Brainerd., Minn.,
September 26, 1923.

Dear Cousins:

How I wish we could be with you all at the Cousins' annual gathering today.
    This has been a very busy year for us on the farm. It has been a very dry summer but the crops are very good except hay which is only about one‑fourth of a crop.
     Harry and I are all there is of the family home now. Mary is in Dickinson, North Dakota, teaching again this year. She likes her work very much and seems to be fortunate for she stays with a lovely Christian family.
    I have our teacher, also a little orphan boy, staying with us. So we manage to not get lonesome.
    Harry is keeping up his work for the Lord and I only wish he had more time for it, but we have the farm to look after.
    God surely has blessed us in many ways. We miss Herbert so much but are thankful he is at rest if he could not get well again for he often said he hoped he never would get helpless like his mother was. I guess you all know Mother Hughey could not walk for over three years before she died and the Doctor told us that if Herbert lived he never could walk again.
    I surely hope you Cousins will like the little picture I had copied from one that was taken four years ago.
    I enjoy reading the Cousins' letters and hope we can come to the re‑union some time.
    Harry joins me in sending love and beat wishes to you all.

Foto of
                  Herb Hughey Family        HANNAH J. HUGHEY
       (Herbert' s Wife)

               Photo of

   Harry M. Hughey (Stand.‑ Left)
   Carrie M. Hughey (Stand..‑Center)
   Judson Edgar Hughey (Stand.‑ Right)
   Hannah J. Hughey (Sit . ‑ Left)
   Herbert C. Hughey (Sit. ‑ Right)
   Mary Estella Hughey (Sit. ‑ Center)

           Taken in 1919

            * * * * *

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(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

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