CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 34 Will Campbell


Marinette, Wisc.
  June 16, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

Just a word at the start to express my appreciation to Cousin Will Selph for this most excellent plan, worked out in detail for the purpose of keeping in closer touch with our kin. I am sure it will prove very successful and we will find the time between the secretary’s reports all too long.

Having been away from you all so many years, no doubt there are some of my second or even third Cousins who do not remember me, much less my family, and as it has been suggested by the secretary that we write about ourselves, it may be well at the start to say that our family consists of Louise [SIZER Campbell], my wife, Henry, who is twenty-seven, and William C., Jr. now eighteen.

Henry is single and interested with me in business. William, or "Bill" as he is called, just finished high school this week.

Marinette, my home since I left Pennsylvania in 1883 is a little city of 14,000, situated on Green Bay and the Menominee River, the river separating or dividing the two states of Wisconsin and Michigan. Just across the river is the city of Menominee of 12,000 inhabitants. Socially, the two cities are as one, but in a business way there is much rivalry.

Formerly lumber was the main industry, but the last fifteen years the lumber mils have been replaced by paper mills, novelty factories, knitting mills, glove factories, and many smaller industries where the use of lumber goes into the product.

The state is noted for its inland lakes, and we have wonderful roads, so when you are looking around for a place to spend your summer vacation, just head your car (whether it be a Flivver or a Packard) toward Wisconsin and "Step on it". We are on the main line and you cannot miss us.

My family all join with me in sending their love,


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(William Campbell Family)

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