CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 33 Emma Buck


117 Second St.
Watkins, N. Y.,
June 15, 1923.

Dear Cousin Will and Campbell Cousins:-

When I realize this is to be a sort of Round Robin letter, I feel it is like speaking in meeting and am just a little scared, but I remember we are all of the same good old Scotch-Irish stock, a stock not given to fear.
    I think all the Cousins know where I live. In fact, we have kept so close together (that with the exception of Cousin Will Campbell [in WI], now that Herb Hughey is gone), they all know about all there is to know about the rest of us. Only a few weeks ago, brother Charlie and I called on most of them. We first went to Mansfield, where we had a splendid visit with Mary Shipman and family. Stopped at Tioga and had a very pleasant though short visit with Mrs. B. Parks [Mary A. McCARTY Sherwood Clark Parks]. From there to the old gathering place,- Nelson. First, we went to Stellaís, then to Markís, Inezís, Jennie Cadyís. Then to Osceola, to Adaís, Ann VanDusenís, Minnie Clark's and Jud Seelyís. We were to Cousin Kate Hortonís but missed her as she was not at home.
     After I came home, the thought came to me, what a good faithful lot they are,- each one seems to be doing the best they can in the condition in which Providence has placed them. I really do not believe there is a slacker among us.
     I expect very soon to go to New Jersey to stay with my children most of the Summer. George is at Madison, N.J., and Myra at Menonah, N.J. I shall close my little apartment here and come back when I feel like it. I am anxious to see my little grandson [Wm. Seiders, Jr.], Myraís baby, born in March.
Of myself, I would say there are changes so great which come to us that we have to readjust our lives in order to fit the conditions. The loss I have sustained has been very hard to bear. Still, there many very beautiful things in life for me,- so much to do,- so many dear friends and so many things to be thankful for. I am not letting my sunset days be dull and gloomy. Even if I am sad sometimes, there is much of brightness yet and my Heavenly Father is my friend and I still love life.
     With sincere affection for all the Cousins, and thanking you, Cousin Will, for thinking of this fine arrangement,


- Report No. 1 - Page 33 -

(Sarah Campbell Family)

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