CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 32 Ada Crandall


Osceola, Pa.,
  June 15, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

I really do not know how to commence this letter. I think the idea is fine; I know for one I will be very glad to receive a letter from each of my Cousins. There are some I so seldom see and never have received a letter from.

And at this time we will think of the two Cousins1 that have gone within the year. When I was twelve years old I spent the school year with Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Herb. Uncle Dan was working away and was not at home very many times that winter. Herb and I had some good times; no doubt we enjoyed the winter better than Aunt Elizabeth did. Cousin Ann VanDusen boarded with Uncle Ben and Aunt Sally the same winter. I remember we got homesick and walked home once during the time.

I though a great deal of Cousin Dell,- we have some very pleasant memories of them both.

Mahlon and wife are living at Asaph. Mahlon works at Ansonia, two miles below Asaph. I spent two weeks with them in April.

I anticipate great pleasure in reading the various letters; it will be almost like meeting the Cousins. I suppose Charlie Congdonís letter will be written from California or en route; he at least will have something interesting to write us about.

This is all for this time, so good-by until September 15th.


1. Herb Hughey & Adelbert Campbell.

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(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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