CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 26 Mary Shipman


Mansfield, Pa.
  June 12, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

As I begin my first letter of the Series, I feel very thankful that as a family so many of us are still living end that all are respected American citizens, a fact which does honor to our ancestors and one of which not every family can boast. I am sure I shall enjoy hearing from every Cousin, but since I broke my ankle January 31, it has seemed such an effort for me to write letters that if you hear from me once or twice a year, I think I will be doing well.

We owe our thanks, at least, to Cousin Will Selph for his plan of the "Campbell Cousins Correspondence".

Of course, you all know how my life has been saddened. April 27, 1922, the Angel of Death came into our home and for the first time our immediate family circle was broken and George was called to his reward. He had lived a good life and will be remembered by you all, I am sure, as a conscientious Christian gentleman.

He bad been an Elder in the Presbyterian Church for over thirty years a Past Grand and Chaplain in the Odd Fellows Lodge and was much respected by all who knew him.

Our daughter, Helen, married Lewis N. Wilson of Penn Yan, who died August 17, 1915. She was left with two fine boys, Richard Lewis, who is now thirteen and George Robert, eleven years of age. She and the boys and I are living together here in Mansfield.

Mabel and her husband, L. B. Shaw, live a block from us. They are to have the Cousins Dinner this Fall and we hope every one of you will be here to enjoy the day with us.

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(William Campbell Family)
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Our Cousins have always seemed more like a large family of brothers and sisters than like Cousins, and when our Circle is broken, as it has been since our last reunion by the death of Cousin Dell Campbell and Herb Hughey, it means a personal loss to us all. Each year we must expect changes, but when we have our last Cousins Reunion here, I hope in the great beyond, we may have a reunion where every Cousin will answer to the roll call.

I often see members of the family; during the past three weeks, Jennie and Alta Cady, Emma Buck, Charlie Congdon and Treva Hooker Hazlett, have visited us. I also have had a letter or card from every one of the Cousins except Herby Hughey since I hurt my ankle,‑ which I appreciated so much and I shall look forward with pleasure to hearing from you all soon, through our "Campbell Cousins Correspondence".


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(William Campbell Family)

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