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Westfield, Pa.
  June 15, 1923.

Dear Cousins,

It was certainly a wonderful vision that Cousin Will Selph had, when he planned for us the pleasure of pausing for a few moments, at stated times, during the year, to think of, and converse, (through this silent medium) with those who are bound to us by the sacred ties of kinship and love. And I am looking forward with so much pleasure, to the messages which will come to me.‑ from the frozen north land, and the sunny south, as well as from the golden gate of California and many others who, though nearer home are none the less dear. What a feast of good things we will have, as we read even between the lines and picture in our minds the richness of the varied experiences of these Cousins and brothers and sisters who have drifted so far apart, and each in his turn fought lifeís battles as best he could. Many of us, who are nearing the end still feel that our work is unfinished and regret we could not have accomplished something which might nearer approach our ideal. This is truly a most wonderful age, and we are praying that our children and our childrenís children may feel their great responsibility and shirk no task nor lose no opportunity to share in the great task of bringing about a united Christian world.

As this is the beginning of a series of letters, I guess mine, like a tin Lizzie1, better have a starter2,‑ so I will tell you that Lish and I are both well and happy after fifty‑tyro years of "sunshine" and "showers" together, and we are not living altogether in the past either, as our interests in our home, our community, our Church, and our country are just as strong, and I think even stronger, than they were when we were more busy with business cares and home duties. We have been blessed above the average with good health, and no great sorrow in the loss of any of our immediate family has come to us.

You may be interested to know where our four children and their families are living.

Frank, the oldest, and family, live in Salem, Oregon. He has two children, Kathryn, the oldest, is a senior at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Warren G. [sic] graduated from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor this June.

1. model-T Ford

2. model-T's didn't have a starter and had to be hand cranked.

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Nellie and her husband, Clark Kimball, live in Independence, Oregon, and they have one child, Faith3, fifteen years old. She graduated from the High School this June.

Harry, and family, live in Baker, Oregon. They have two daughters and a son. Jean, the oldest, fifteen years, and Virginia, and John Samuel,‑ a family to be justly proud of; and

Arthur (our youngest child) and family live in Independence, Oregon. They have three children, Anna Louise aged twelve, the oldest, and William Elisha and baby, Barbara Jane.

They are all very busy people, far too busy to spend time to make the long journey East to the old home, and so one of the great joys of our life is to go to them. We have made the journey across the continent four times in the past sixteen years. Am I a happy mother with the love of such a family? I have no words in which to express my gratitude to a kind Father who has given us these blessings and spared us so many years to enjoy them together.

How often I think of you all, and of your children who are the men and women of the affairs of today. Some of us cannot boast of our money and while we realize that ‑ "A dollar is a nice thing and a splendid thing to own", our good Scotch‑English ancestors taught us that ‑ "There isnít any money, that is worth an honest name".

As Cousin Will, limited us in the length of our letters, I realize I must close with sincere good wishes and bundles of love to you all in which Lish joins, I am


3. For a long time, Faith was the only surviving writer of a CCC letter and the oldest living Campbell Cousin. She died in 2014 at the age of 106.

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