CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 12 Jud Seely


Osceola. Pa.,
  June 13, 1923.

To the Campbell Cousins,

Through the correspondence of our cousin, Wm. E. Selph, I am asked to write a letter which will be sent to each of the nineteen cousins that are living and the seven families of the deceased Cousins. This is a great idea for getting acquainted with relatives, some of whom I have never known or have had the pleasure of meeting.

For the benefit of any who pass this way, would say, I live in Osceola, Pa., and am working at my old job of digging in the dirt, and that the latch string is always on the outside.

I suppose each one of you receive from Cousin Will Selph a letter and a copy of correspondence with Cousin Herb Hughey a short time before his death. Will speaks of receiving a photo of Herb and his wife. Will kindly consented to send it to me so that all might have a chance to see it. If I am able to attend the Re-union or Cousins Dinner in 1923, I will have the picture with me where all can see it.About my family,

I have two boys, Lee M. and Samuel A. Lee has a girl and a boy; Sam has two girls and two boys.

Not being a letter writer will excuse myself by saying, the winds of seventy two winters have whistled through my branches and they are dead at the top.

Yours very truly


- Report No. 1 - Page 12 -

(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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