CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 10 T. C. Campbell


The Campbell House,
 819 Third Ave. North,
St. Petersburg, Fla.
 May 6, 1923.

Dear Cousin Will,

Your most valued letter with enclosures is received, and greatly appreciated. We had not heard of Cousin Herb Hugheyís death. And although Frank and I visited them, many many years ago, out on their farm near Brainerd, we had not heard from them or of them in a long time and then only as someone at the Cousins Reunions would mention them.

I certainly have enjoyed reading his letter to you, and it was a revelation, as we knew nothing of his family. Their home was on the edge of a small lake, in a new undeveloped section of the country when we were there;‑ not much cleared land about. We stayed all night with them; he had a small cleared field up north of the house on which they had raised Buckwheat, and Herb arranged that he and I should get up early the next morning and go up there and shoot some prairie chickens. We went, and he allowed me to carry the gun and do the shooting. I shot two, and we had them for dinner. We hired a livery to take us from Brainerd out to his farm, and as I remember, it was about six miles, through winding sandy wood roads part of the way. But a straight laid out highway was in the making by his place, and he had given the Township a Schoolhouse site on his farm on which they were to erect a Public School.

It really is a shame, Will that we Cousins do not know each other better.

We had rather expected to see you down here before the season was over. Why didnít you come? Phil Young and wife were with us a week, and were delighted with St. Petersburg. My daughter, Mary, and husband (O. C. Shewman) and son John were with us ten weeks, and I think we have it all planned for them to come here this Fall and run the House for us. We did not run it this year, but rented it to a party from Syracuse,‑ and we rented a small Cottage among some fine sheltering Oaks, a few blocks away, just large enough so we could have them with us, and we did enjoy

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it so much. The fact is, I had taken on a forty acre tract just in the City limits, and sub‑divided it and my time was occupied looking after that. We built as Office out there, and kept a Real Estate Agent there all the time. Have also put up eight houses and sold them, so manage to keep busy most of the time; but shall try and go North for a couple of months this Summer if I can possibly leave.

We have never taken the Boat route North, and have made the trip every year for the past ten years, so this time think we will go by Boat, and shall try to be North for the Cousins Dinner.

I meet Mr. Aulsbrook often, and he always speaks of you. We are having delightful weather here now;‑ the bathing is fine, and fishing excellent.

We also have some fine Churches and wonderful ministers. It is a Church‑going town,‑ not so small either, about 85,000 and about 90,000 during the Winter season. Will enclose you our todayís Church Program, where we attend. We again thank you for your kindness in remembering us with the copies of letters you sent.

Frank joins in sending kindest regards to yourself and family. We were sincerely sorry to hear of Herbís death.

Your Cousin,


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(William Campbell Family)

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