CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 9 Jud Seely


Osceola. Pa.,
 May 10, 1923.

Dear Cousin Will:-

Today finds us shivering over the stove trying to keep warm. Yesterday morning there was one inch of snow on the ground when we got up and it snowed hard until ten o’clock and then snow squalls every little while until about ten A.M. today. It is beginning to warm up now.

Farmers are mostly through sowing grain and were getting ready to plant corn but this snow will stop that for a short time.

Sam and family are well. Dora will finish high school at Elkland in June and expects to go to Mansfield this Fall. Ada is well as usual.

I was up and saw Dell Van Dusen, yesterday; he us very poorly, has been in bed about two weeks; he has not been able to walk for some time. Have not seen any of the Cousins since we were at the Cousins Dinner in October.

I received your letter and copy of the correspondence you had with Cousin Herb Hughey, for which I thank you very much; that is the first time I have ever heard a word written by himself since he went west. Aunt Jane Tubbs went out there once and she used to hear from the family occasionally. I certainly am glad Herb has done so well and that he has a nice family. He has left a record they can be proud of.

Will, when you come up in July, bring the picture of Herb and his wife with you for I think all the Cousins would like to see them.

Edith wrote that you were planning to come up in July so that Doris could come along; we will be looking for you.

Mary is trying to clean house. The help she had engaged to help is sick in bed so she is doing a little at a time but it goes slow; help is very scarce about all you get is a promise. Remember us to Edith, Doris, and Mrs. Loder. Hoping this finds you all well, I close,

Your Cousin,

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(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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