CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 7 Stella Wilbur


Nelson, Tioga Co., Pa.,
 May 20, 1923.

My dear Cousin Will:-

In reply to yours of May 18th, would say that I think your plan of a Clearing House Bureau, a very good one. We would all enjoy hearing from each other and there are some among us who could write interesting letters. Yes, I think the plan a good one. Those from the absent ones could be read at the Cousins Dinner, but that would not be necessary according to your plan.

This reminds me of something else,- Eva has spoken to me several times about a getting together of the Cousins of her generation, to perpetuate the Cousins Dinner, as it were. Our number will be growing less rapidly from now on and there a fine lot in the coming generation that could carry on the work. Get George Buck, Lena Goodrich, Mabel Shaw and others interested. Of course, there will be some as there have been in our generation, who would not help, but I think we could begin to take the next generation in with us1 perhaps, or at least get them interested in the idea.

Thank you for all the nice things you said in a previous letter. You donít know how glad I am to hear about Doris. Am sure she will succeed in all her future work.

Marget Loop, Rossí daughter, graduates from Walnut Lane Seminary on May 30th. She is a real, good, sensible girl. Evaís little boy, five years old, is having measles and pneumonia, but is on the gain now. Go ahead with your plans. I suppose you will find out what others think about it.

Sincerely your cousin,


1. For "Cousins Dinners" only the grandchildren (who were "dying off") of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell, had been invited, thus excluding Joseph and Ann's great-grandchildren---wbt

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(Maria Campbell Family)

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