CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 6 Mark Seely


Nelson, Tioga Co., Pa.,
May 20, 1923.

My dear Cousin Will

Your letter of May 18, 1923, I received yesterday, and your plan of asking all of the nineteen Cousins to write a letter every three months to a general secretary, to be again handed around, I think is great. I for one have been busy and could not visit or even hear from a majority of the Cousins, but we all make mistakes in some ways, but what time is left for us, stands us in hand to change some of our lifelong ways. You, as secretary, will have your hands full and will deserve the heartfelt thanks of all the Cousins, and it will be a privilege to them that they never looked for and something they can all enjoy. I, for one, thank you. I also thank you for the copy of the letter of Herby Hughey you sent me some weeks ago and your
letter with it. I enjoyed them very much.

I have been very busy this Spring and have not been away from Nelson, and Sue

has not been well, but is now better and the outlook seems better to us.

But I think your plan one we all will enjoy.

Cordially yours,


- Report No. 1 - Page 6 -

(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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