CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 5 Kate Horton


Westfield, Pa.,
May 21, 1923.

My dear Cousin Will:-

I just wonder that you did not ignore me altogether in your last correspondence. Seemingly, I have been very ungrateful, though at heart I am both loyal and true. I was right pleased to hear from you on both occasions, and appreciate both messages.

First, I want to express my thanks and real pleasure in receiving your letter of April 28 with the copy of letters exchanged between yourself and Cousin Herb, -- also the biography of his life. It was a beautiful thing for you to do, and a fitting tribute to one of our own kin, whose lot, so early in life, had been cast among strangers that he had never been privileged to enjoy, even the acquaintance of many of his blood relations. I believe we can glean from his letter facts which show that he had high ideals. His children were educated, and he was affiliated with the Church of our fathers. I regret very much that I never made an effort to get in touch with him.

Now, as to this "Clearing House" proposition. It is certainly an "inspired" thought which meets with my hearty approval and co-operation, and I assure you I will do my part to help carry out the plan. What a pleasure it will be to get these quarterly messages!

It will be a great help to have you act as secretary, until we can get this well established. I realize fully that we will see many changes in the next few years. I would approve of the printed forms and envelopes, providing each share in the expense. The dates you suggest seem very good to me, and anything I can do to help carry on the plan to a successful finish, I will enjoy doing.

I truly hope you and your family will visit us during the Summer. Let us get better acquainted and try and get more pleasure in "Cousinly relationship" in the future than in the past. Give my love to Edith and the daughter and with much to yourself, I am,



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(William Campbell Family)

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