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George Leroy Buck (1877 - 1942)

George was born Sep. 4, 1877, in Sugar Hill, Schuyler Co., NY; d. Feb. 5, 1942, in NJ. He married Jun. 30, 1908, in Sugar Hill to Anna Marie Knabjohann, b. 1881 in Lubeck, Germany. She was a daughter of ____ Knabjohann, b. in Germany and Friederieka Wilhelmina Catherina Cords, b. 1847 in Germany, d. 1928 in Cook Co., IL.

He was the elder of 2 children of Emma Congdon, b. 1848, in Nelson, d. 1928 in Watkins, Schuyler Co., NY; and Jabez Buck, b. 1844 in Schuyler Co., NY, d. 1921 in Watkins.

George was a book printer or publisher. He became president of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club and produced Volumes 3 and 4. 

George and Anna Marie Knabjohann Buck had 2 children:

  1. Donald Steven Buck, b. 1909 in Glencoe, Cook Co., IL, m. Eleanor ___; &
  2. Gordon Campbell Buck, b. 1913 in Glencoe, m. Maryly Crowell.
Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1 r2 p48-9 Oct. 10, 1923 - photo
v2 p69-70 Apr. 9, 1924
v3 p78-80 Apr. 15, 1925
v3 p94-5 Apr. 26, 1925 - by Anna
v3 p100 Apr. 25, 1925 - Pres. report
v3 Insert May 12, 1925
v4 p78-9 Apr. 16, 1926

Mentioned in CCC Letters:
v1r1 p7 Stella LOOP Hooker Wilbur - George Buck
v1r1 p33 Emma CONGDON Buck - George
v1r1 p44 Will Selph - George
v1r2 p2 Ed Congdon - George
v1r2 p53-54 Emma CONGDON Buck - George, George's family
v1r2 p75 Will Selph - George Buck family
v2 p8 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Cousin George
v2 p47 Emma CONGDON Buck - my children
v2 p56 Carrie HUGHEY Peterson Taylor St.Claire - George Buck's wife
v3 p5 Eva HOOKER Hills - George, Anna & the boys; "her son" [Emma CONGDON Buck's]
v3 p9 Mary BOSARD Snavely - George, Anna & their boys
v3 p22 Florence BOSARD Neal - George Buck
v3 p29 Emma CONGDON Buck - George
v3 p47 Ann BOSARD Owlett - George Buck
v3 p57, 59 Will Selph - George & Anna Buck; Cousin George
v3 p60-61 Ed Congdon - George Buck & wife
v3 p76 Edith LODER Selph - George & Anna Buck
v3 p94 Edna ELLISON Wright - George & Anna
v3 p98 Will Selph - George Buck
v4 p22 Eva HOOKER Hills - George & Anna
v4 p36 Wm. C. Campbell - Cousin George Buck
v4 p40-41 Emma CONGDON Buck - George, George & Anna
v4 p44 Elizabeth HOYT Walker - Cousin George
v4 p46 Florence BOSARD Neal - George Buck
v4 p51 Mary BOSARD Snavely - George Buck
v4 p71 Ruth BUCK Mandeville - Anna
v4 p95 Myra BUCK Seiders - George
v4 p96, 99 Will Selph - Cousins George & Anna Buck, George L. Buck

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