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Yukon Territory, Canada
Yukon Territory, Canada.

Capital: Whitehorse

Pop: 30,372 (2006)
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   Genealogy Research in the Yukon Territory
This page provides general genealogy tips and links for anyone beginning their research within the Yukon Territory, Canada. Let us know if you can add something to this page so that other researchers will benefit.
   To Begin Your Family Search
  • Gather information from family and relatives.
  • Write down names, dates, locations and family ties.
  • Begin your search with relatives closest to you, and work back from there.
  • Document every fact as you progress! Record information on pedigree charts and family group sheets.
  • If you have a computer, organizing your data in a genealogical program is most helpful.
  • Once you have determined all you can from relatives, you are then ready to start your search.
  • Attempt to determine where an unknown ancestor may have lived. This you may be able to uncover from obituaries or census returns etc.
  • Collect pictures and other material concerning family.
  • Join your local genealogical society and take advantage of workshops and all they have to offer.
  • Acquaint yourself with libraries and historical societies in your research area.
  • Visit the area, or write to the genealogical society of that area (if one exists) and hire a researcher to search records for any information which they might have on your ancestor.
  • Explore GenWeb sites on the Internet to look at what they have online, and to obtain the address of archives etc. where you could write for more help.
  • Use the GenWeb look-up services for publication resources of interest to genealogists and historians.
  • Post queries to connect with others who may have answers to find ancestors in your family line.
   Genealogy Guides for Researchers
   Yukon Territory Facts
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