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The YukonGenWeb only exists through the voluntary efforts of its host and the project supporters... researchers helping researchers. If you want to contribute to the growth of Yukon genealogy, we want you on our team. Volunteer with the YukonGenWeb today and help make Yukon genealogy better for everyone!
   Volunteering - How You Can Help
WANT TO HELP YUKON GENEALOGY GROW? -- Volunteer with the YukonGenWeb today!

Below is a list of some CanadaGenWeb sites and projects. If you have an interest in hosting a site, contributing to a ongoing project or have an idea for a new site or project, please contact us with the details. Please keep in mind that even if hosts and coordinators are not currently being sought in some areas, volunteers are always welcome and help is always needed. Please share your knowledge and expertise!

National Projects:
Provincial and Territory:
  • YukonGenWeb (See below for the volunteer positions we are recruiting for.)
  • Other volunteer positions are available at the provincial and territorial levels.
    Please visit the CanadaGenWeb to see what other positions are available.

Yukon Traditional Territories / Community:

  • Suggestions? Development and maintenance of regional pages which would include genealogical data from that area such as: vital records, cemetery and census records, and local histories.
   Here are a few things that the YukonGenWeb Project is recruiting for:
  • CONSULTANTS: If you have experience with Yukon genealogy that you can share with others, please volunteer to be a Consultant with the YukonGenWeb. We are looking for people who could help by answering e-mail inquiries about Yukon genealogy, and assisting the YukonGenWeb host.
  • PROJECT ORGANIZER: Develop YukonGenWeb projects and recruit volunteers to assist. Requirements: Motivational, organizational and people skills. A few hours each month to spare.
  • VOLUNTEERS willing to do lookups (Vital stats, cemetery, land, etc.) for any area of the Yukon. There are few to none posted anywhere, so if you can help us out that would be great!
  • VOLUNTEERS willing to write short local histories or First Nations histories for inclusion, with recognition, on the YukonGenWeb site.
  • Any old or current photos of any of the traditional territories, or communities of the Yukon.
  • Any older maps or documents for inclusion on the YukonGenWeb site.
  • Any links I may have missed that you believe are pertinent to Yukon genealogy.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the YukonGenWeb Project!

This information is intended for personal research use only. Please verify information with primary source documents before accepting any as actual fact. This material may be printed out as long as this notice remains. Any commercial use or sale of this information is strictly prohibited without the permission of the YukonGenWeb or CanadaGenWeb Project.

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