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A Tribute to Saskatchewan - A part of Saskatchewan Gen Web Project.

    A Tribute to Saskatchewan
    Surnames, biographies, tributes.A collection of submissions by vistors to Sask Gen Web preserving Saskatchewan heritage.

  • 1888 McPhillips' alphabetical and business directory of the District of Saskatchewan, North West Territories N.W.T. is now online. (or small scans)

    The provisional District of Saskatchewan, North West Territories N.W.T would be centrally located in the province of Saskatchewan, however it extended west past the current Alberta Saskatchewan border on the 4th meridian including Frog Lake and it also extended east into the current province of Manitoba including The Pas. The south and north borders were township 35 and township 70 respectively.

    The places included for example are - A La Corne - Batoche - Battleford - Birch Hills - Birch River - Bresaylor - Carrot River - Clarke's Crossing - Cold Lake - Cumberland - Duck Lake - Fish Creek - Fort Pitt - Frog Lake - Grand Rapids - Green Lake - Halcro - Humboldt - Lac La Ronge - Lower Flat - Nut Lake - Onion Lake - Prince Albert- Red Deer Hill - Red Deer Lake - Saskatoon - - Shell River - Snake Plains - Battleford District - St. Laurent - St. L. de Langevin - The Pas - Battleford Town - Battleford - Prince Albert- Saskatoon
    Submitted by Julia Adamson.

  • Memoirs of the George Homer Dean family settling in the Rama district (1907 through 1917) and the George Homer DEAN & Mary STUBBINGS family tree, pedigree chart (4 generation) (pdf)
    submitted by Tony Dean.

  • 1922 New World Gazetteer and Atlas selected maps
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • 1924-1984 Sask Wheat Pool Map
    submitted by Jim Whittome and Dorothy Davies

  • 1926 Sk Highway Map CNR Historical Map Map of Regina Survey of the Eastern Part of the Dominion Survey of the Western Part of the Dominion Stovel's pocket Maps Saskatchewan
    submitted by Gene Suignard

  • 1947-48, 1950-51, 1952-53 Sask Pool Country Elevator System Calendar maps
    submitted by Gene Suignard

  • Ab, Sk, Mb Dept of Mines Geological Survey 1914 Rand McNally 1924 Pocket Map Waghorn's Guide Map of Western Canada 1941 Regina Dept of Mines 1935 map July 1919 Waghorn's Guide
    submitted by Larry Walton

  • Adimiwka (Holy Ghost) Cemetery, Rosthern, SK,R.M. Rosthern #403Submitted by, Carrie Eirene Stevenson

  • Ancestor Recognition Project - Cemetery Preservation: Online DigitizationTribute to Submitters

  • Atlas of Saskatchewan Celebrating the Millennium 1999 Edition and 1969 Edition Selected Mapsonline permission of Dr. K.I. Fung
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Biggar Heritage Album
    submitted by Rae Chamberlain.

  • Biggar, Saskatchewan Obituaries January 2000 to December, 2000
    submitted by Rae Chamberlain.

  • Biggar World Volume 1, No. 1, August 19th, 1909:Biggar's First Citizens biographies of G.T.P. Employees and businessmen
    submitted by Rae Chamberlain.

  • Biography of Charles Baker and a history of the Settlement of Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada Biography of Bill Baker, Grandson of Charles Baker
    submitted by Perry Doner

  • Books online
    by Julia Adamson web host Sask Gen Web

  • Border Crossings: Report of Admissions at the Port of Gretna, Manitoba for the Month of April, 1910
    submitted by Jim Bundy

  • Borschiw Cemetery near Prud'homme Saskatchewan
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • Britsh Home Children Richard John SHINGLER ~James Shingler~ and Joseph SHINGLER born 1893 Stoke-on-Trent, STAFFORDSHIRE, England
    submitted by Doreen Grigsby

  • Bukovina Immigrants in Saskatchewan
    submitted by Alicia Ottenbreit

  • Christ Church Patience Lake Cemetery, St. Denis Cemetery and Glenmauer School House Photographs
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Church of God in Christ Mennonite Cemetery
    submitted by Randi Bender

  • Donavan Cemetery
    submitted by Randi Bender

  • Doukhobor Community Photo Album
    submitted by Tricia Mitchell , Mansfield, England.

  • Early Scottish Pioneers in Saskatchewan - Killarney, Manitoba Settlers 1889, Saltcoats, NWT (Saskatchewan) Settlers 1889
    submitted by Bruce MacDonald

  • Edith Fulton
    submitted by Les Fyffe

  • Fournier, Noël Biography
    submitted by Denise Pelletier

  • Fron Lutheran Cemetery, Sk
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Gordon Murchison Memoirs, Land Act Director
    submitted by G. W. Murchison

  • Hanley Spring Creek Lutheran Cemetery
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • HAUGAN, Carl Edwardsubmitted by: Mel C. Haugan

  • Heritage Memories index
    submitted by Darlene LaFlamme

  • Howard Family Tree Autobiography of Ralph John Wesley Howard
    submitted by Patrick K. Best. and Carol Vulliamy.

  • Howard - Kiemele Family Tree
    submitted by Carol Vulliamy.

  • Hrynuik, Pauline (nee Shalansky) oral history
    submitted by Nat Hrynuik

  • Kinbrae Post Office
    submitted by Red Lauttamus

  • Lajord, Saskatchewan
    submitted by Silvia Vilches

  • Laniwci-Ukrainian Catholic St. Ascension Cemetery, Laniwci, Sk, R.M. of Rosthern #403
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • Lee, Mabel Margaret biography,
    submitted by Robert D. Mitchell

  • Letters from Cannington Manor, Assiniboia, North West Territories, (Saskatchewan), Canada 1892-1893
    submitted by John Palmer

  • Llewelyn, Bangor, Glyndwr area
    submitted by Red Lauttamus

  • Marie Pedersen Bergstrom's cousin Sigfords house
    submitted by Pat

  • Mitchell, John �Jack� Henderson biography,
    submitted by Robert D. Mitchell

  • Mitchellton, Saskatchewan Cemetery Transcriptions,
    submitted by Carole Murray Williams

  • Mount Carmel Shrine, and Carmel Conception Cemetery
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Navigation of the Saskatchewan
    submitted by Vivian (Rogers) Rowe

  • New finland Colony
    submitted by Red Lauttamus, Hazel Lauttamus Birt

  • The Norrie Family of Warman, Saskatchewan
    submitted by Donna Fraser

  • NWT Census Strays for 1901 Victoria, BC and surrounding area. (alphabetical) NWT Census Strays for 1901 Victoria, BC Entries ordered by Census Line Number
    submitted by Hugh Armstrong

  • One Room School House Submissions Preserving Sk One Room School House Heritage online. 2005 Centennial ProjectSk ORSH Submissions

  • Otthon,Saskatchewan
    submitted by Judy Barsy(aka Barsi)

  • Pryma (St. John the Baptist) Cemetery,near Smuts, SK,R.M. of Grant #372
    submitted by Carrie Eirene Stevenson

  • Relationship Chart
    submitted by Randi Bender

  • Riverside memorial Park Cemetery, Regina, SK
    submitted by Nat Hrynuik
    Round Prairie Metis Cemetery
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Rural Municipality of Hazel Dell No.335 Cemetery Locations, Names and contact Persons
    submitted by Kathy Ritchie, Administrator RM Hazel Dell No. 335

  • Rural Municipality of Turtle River No. 469 Original Homesteads Map
    submitted by Joe McMurphy

  • Sacred Heart Cemetery Prud'homme, Saskatchewan
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • St. Ambrose Cemetery
    submitted by Randi Bender

  • St. Cyprien Cemetery, Meadow Lake
    submitted by Darlene LaFlamme.

  • St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery Rosthern, Saskatchewan
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • St. Peter's Monastery Cemetery Photographs
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Saskatchewan Historical Photographs - Dewar Lake and Lydden, Sk Railway Stations, Trains, etc -
    submitted by Nancy Magnusson

  • Saskatchewan Photographed
    submitted by Julia Adamson

  • Scandinavian Canadian Land Company Map Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6.West of the 2nd Meridian.
    submitted by Terrance Jestin tj

  • Sidney Imms PRODGERS / Sydney James PRODGERS British home child. Pimlico - Westminster London, England >> Hillesden / Windthorst, SK, Canada. Hollie Imms PRODGERS, William Edward IMMS, Louisa Jane Mercy (PUSEY) PRODGERS, John C.A. BARWELL, Albert Wakley GLYDON, Ann and Charles DASH
    submitted by Janet PRODGERS Fair

  • Terpannia Brookhill Cemetery Located 15 km south of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan on Highway 12
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • Thrice Blest - Historical Fiction novel based on Ukrainian Catholic Family from Dniester River valley village migration to Saskatchewan, Canada and Argentina.
    submitted by Marianne (Komarnicki) Greer

  • Trinity Cemetery SW1-44-7-3 Located near Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan
    submitted by Carrie Stevenson

  • turton, Leslie George: Netherhill, Saskatchewan, Canada images circa 1927
    submitted by Alex Birtwisle

  • Ukrainian Memorial East of Alvena,
    submitted by Julia Adamson transcribed by Carrie Eirene Stevenson

  • Viscount, Saskatchewan Area Cemeteries
    submitted by Heather Canevaro.

  • Warren William Bailey, Jeanette Maria Bailey, Mortlach Saskatchewan historical photographs
    submitted by Linda Bailey-Lisac

  • William Thomas Thornton
    submitted by Fawn Laffin

  • Wilkie, Sk
    submitted by Robert Hansen

  • Yorkton area Schools and Churches
    submitted by Red Lauttamus

  • Yukon News Obituaries Saskatchewan Strays
    submitted by Scott Wilson

  • To contribute or to add further submissions(These can be in the form of scanned images or photocopies)please e-mail

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