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Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy,
preserve, and experience, our historical educational,
architectural, and cultural, heritage.

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This page referes to links and web pages for historical One Room Schoolhouses outside the province of Saskatchewan.

  • One Room Schoolhouse
    "Perseverance, Pranks and Pride - Tales of the One Room Schoolhouse" by Joy Forbes
    Discover the History of Pioneering Education in these Wonderful Establishments of Yesteryear
  • Recalling the days of the one room schoolhouse
    by George Siamandas.The first schools, there were almost 2,000 at one point in Manitoba. What was a typical school day like? How teachers got their education. The famous school inspector.
  • Rowleywood Nights Pizza and Historic
    West of the Fifth Meridian Exploring the backroads of Alberta. Prairie School Museum 1911-1951. It was first White Rose School built in 1911
    and moved to the nearby district of Hillsgreen when that school burned down in 1946
  • Schools past and present.
    Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee 2013 Schools located in the municipality between Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Sprial Bridge
    By Dr. Alvin H. Franzmeier ~ one room schoolhouse Minnesota story.

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