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Here are a few more schools to add to the data base. The information comes from the various community "Homecoming" history books that were published during the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee celebrations. In a few case, the schools are already in the data base, but I have added some missing information.

Victor Balon
North Vancouver, BC

Placename Locations

Reynaud 20-42-24-W2
St. Benedict 41-24-W2
Tarnopol 43-24-W2
Yellow Creek 43,44 -22, 23 - W2
Rosthern, Saskatchewan area.


School Location Comments Neighboring Placename
Cranberry SD 4795 SW27-42-24 Location information added Reynaud
Hazel Lake SD 4517 SW15-43-23 Location information added Yellow Creek
Hoodoo SD1353 NW14-41-25 Location information added St. Benedict
New Tarnopol SD 5117 NW11-43-24 Started as a one-room school, later became two rooms. Not to be confused with Tarnopol SD2579 shown below. Tarnopol
Rhona Lake SD 4746 NE36-42-23   Yellow Creek
Shannon Lake SD 4102 NE19-42-24   Reynaud
Stoneless SD 5020 SE29-43-22   Yellow Creek
Tarnopol SD 2579 SW23-43-24 Sometimes referred to as "Old Tarnopol" to avoid confusion with New Tarnopol SD5117. Tarnopol
Wilfred SD 1476 SW30-40-24 School was later located at NW19-40-24 St. Benedict
Yellow Creek SD 4337 NW33-43-23 This was the original Yellow Creek "country school". Later schools were built in the village of Yellow Creek. Yellow Creek

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