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Weewona SD 855
SW 26 Tsp 42 Rge 21 W3

Phippen, Unity, Saskatchewan

School restored and on display at the
Clayton McLain Memorial Museum Cut Knife Museum
Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Unity area One Room School houses

Schools in the area of Frenchman's Butte, Saskatchewan

Big Hill

Big Hill

Fort Pitt School

Fort Pitt SD 2713

Fort Pitt school area

Frenchman Butte SD 5107

Gallivan SD 3857

North Bend 2729

Ovenstown School

Ovenstown School

Ovenstown School Museum

Tangleflags 3790

Weewona SD 855

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Unity area One Room School houses
SD locations
Big Hill SD 4682
Tsp 53 Rge 25 W3
Frenchman's Butte/ Monnery

Fort Pitt SD 2713
Tsp 54 Rge 26 W3
near Turtleford, SK

Frenchman's Butte SD 5107
Tsp 54 Rge 25 W3
Frenchman's Butte, SK

Gallivan SD 3857
SW 34 Twp 43 Rge 20 W3
Cut Knife, Unity, SK

North Bend SD 2719
Tsp 53, Rge 26 W3
Frenchman's Butte/ Monnery

Ovenstown SD 1802
NW 22 Rsp 42 Rge 20 W3
Unity, Rockhaven

Tangleflags SD 3790
Tsp 52 Rge 26 W3
near Tangleflags, SK

Weewona SD 855
SW 26 Tsp42 Rge 21 W3
Phippen, Unity, SK

Colours on the map segment
1924 Rand McNally map

Fort Pitt Colour Turquoise
Twp.53, R.26, W3

Frenchman's Butte Purple
Twp.53, R.25, W3
NOTE: Est. Monnery in 1911
Changed name to Frenchman's Butte in 1921
Changed name to Frenchman Butte in 1948

Gallivan Orange
Twp.43, R.20, W3
NOTE: Est. 1911 as Creek Bend
Changed Name 1914 to Gallivan

Rockhaven Yellow
Sec.32, Twp.42, R.20, W3
NOTE: Est. Ovenstown in 1905
Changed names to Rock Haven in 1912
Changed Names to Rockhaven in 1948

Tangleflags Green
Twp.52, R.25, W3

Unity Blue
Sec.18, Twp.40, R.22, W3

Cut Knife Red
Sec.28, Twp.43, R.21, W3

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